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  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Menrva wrote: »

    Alienating new and returning players is the worst thing that could possibly be done for a dying game. The MMO excuse is irrelevant.

    Keep living on your whales while it lasts, I guess. No new player in their right mind will waste their time with the unforgiving gearing system. **** Vindi's RNG, I'm finally done with it, and I've been around since closed beta.

    You do realise new players get the same gear as returning players reach lvl 90 ?

    The free gear let you do EVERYTHING except Astera and reaching 75 CF is easy : Worst case ? Make an Abom belt, Eochaid earring and Aes Ring (that one is much cheaper), put them +11 and TADA you got yourself enough CF if you take a Kitty potion for that Daily Claire.

    If the game spoonfed us to give free gear strong enough to clear Macha right away, the game would be boring because you would have no reason to gear at all. Astera is end-game it's not meant to be reached ASAP. All games got content for geared player (Astera) and hardcore player (Redeemers) and that Astera ''Gear wall'' is not even thick to begin with. You just need to stack CF with Free gear to clear Claire, then you can start making armor (cheap) to clear elchulus and slowly grind your way up to Macha.

    Astera bosses are really generous in their drops, even just unlocking one of them will help alot to stack more CF and making Astera set.

    1) The worst thing that can happen with those runes is ending up with a +9.

    2) It doesn't stop you from using the regular enhancement runes to get back at +10

    3) It doesn't stop you from enhancing without a rune past +10 like everyone else had to do before Rise and Recover the item with AP

    4) You still have a chance at premium enhancement runes if you really went a +11 through events and special sales that happen 3-4 times a year.

    5) Perm-Bound stops you from using THAT specific rune only. AP restoration is apart from that

    6) Please read descriptions and don't act so butthurt. All the statements I said are understood by simply reading the new rune description
  • S3C2E3 - Patch notes, map and battles

    Kinda disgusting how we will have to change ALL of our gear less than 2 years in 90 Cap with such a big stat increase (When Even the 95 Blue shards beat the 90 oranges, it's sad).

    Alot of games have a transfer system for what is equal to our Enchants and Enhancement so you never start back from 0. Sadly, in Vindictus, it seems like forcing players to start from 0 to gear up every 2 years seem to be the main business model in order to bring the Cash In. That's the main Reason I gave up on gearing up hardcore once I got ONE orange weapon for lvl 90 cap, because I knew it wouldn't last for long and I would cry if I had to remake an Armor and Two weapons instead of just one weapon.

    The only advantage is that the most important r9s are becoming rA or lower I guess... so if you wanna give up on some on the hardcore gearing ( I mean being Full orange with r7/r6 enchants), you don't lose as much as before once the enchant scrolls/system revamp is patched here.