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  • What games outside of Vindictus do you play?

    Kingdom Under Fire 2
    Twilight Spirits

    Don't waste your time with Twilight Spirits, it's garbage. You literally stand infront of AIs and wait for them to attack, so you can counter for x10 your normal damage to 1 shot them. I usually would say, "imo", but it's the only online game I stopped before lvl 30 and refused to finish.

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 though was a great game to play through and max level on, though I don't understand what it's endgame is. It might be because it was all in Chinese, but even then, it didn't look like they had 8/16 player raids unlocked. Either way, the replayablity of early maps is high. Since it's basically Dynasty Warriors on steroids with RTS elements. The AI mobs are definitely better than those games.
  • "Rise" update - first impressions

    The best thing about this update is realizing the reality of why you can't invest heavily into games anymore. I hope everyone who has truly realized what this update is all about, never forgets this moment, and applies financial restraint with future games. It's not about the players anymore, it's only about the money.
  • Best of the Best

    This reminds me of the Hero class ranked list from One Punch Man. You'll never know the true Saitamas of Vindi. Though atleast these lists are better than Vindi's RISE list of top ranked players based solely on stats. Time to spend that $$$ to hit #1 on the Vindi money charts.
  • Vindictus "Rise" Update: KR (June 2017)

    The best part of this video is at 11:22. Junyoop reacts in shocking disgust, pauses the video, laments over +20, slams his desk, and then continues his stream while still being disgusted by Nexon.

    Only thing that disturbs me from the vid is no option to do an 8 man party for the normal raids. Having a 4 man max option is fine and good, but eliminating 8 man altogether will not be welcomed by players used to regular 8 man teams for regular raids. Also eliminating the option for item animation kinda bothers me.

    I don't understand why Nexon doesn't simply make some of these changes an option for players to decide what/how they want things to be ingame. Instead they just delete things we are used to with a "tough luck, better deal with our new vision" attitude.
  • LMAO

    The best thing I enjoyed about this event, was me deciding not to do it.