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  • Nah, that new boss is a push over. KR streamers were getting clears under 10 minutes on their first run of that new raid. Now they have KR player solos that are clearing it around 6 minutes. That boss doesn't have the shield that Abomination and …
  • Karok crushes the raid mechanics of Dullahan. Don't have to bomb, or deal with the ghost. Karok's clash cancels Dullahan's shield for about 15 to 20 seconds. Been getting under 10 minute Dullahan clears by just chain clashing him with 2 to 3 other …
  • Prototypemind wrote: » Kingdom Under Fire 2 Twilight Spirits Don't waste your time with Twilight Spirits, it's garbage. You literally stand infront of AIs and wait for them to attack, so you can counter for x10 your normal damage to 1 shot t…
  • Found the story of how Karok went from Pillar to Cestus.
  • Yeah I played Kritika during CBT. OBT opens 12pm EST on Thursday. Was refreshing to play a game with a progressive enhancement model. Only online game I ever played that let me max out a weapon completely for free. Cash shop currency can be earned i…
  • How is the WWE tribe repopulating, when they keep calling chicks "bro" and "fellow"? Unless the chicks aren't bothered by it, after seeing what's underneath the championship belt hahaha.
  • I stopped spending money on Vindi a few years ago, and it's the best decision I ever made ingame. If you play enough, you can buy pretty much anything you want with gold alone. Just need to put in alot of time and patience to hunt for items and deal…
  • They didn't bother to mention the tribe name. The tribe called "WWE" hahaha. Interesting story though, liked the 1st clash event into 1st weapon. But Karok calling a chick "fellow" isn't very smooth lol.
  • There are some players that refuse to watch the streams due to the cringe factor in either the gameplay, historical reference to Vindi, or the presenters. I'm one of those players btw, for all of the above reasons.
  • Demon Souls was harder. Dark Souls introduced Iron Flesh. The answer to "Where did the fun go?" is it went exactly where the new Director wanted it to go. Gambling. That's right, the real fun now is for the gambling addicts to throw thousands of …
  • The best thing about this update is realizing the reality of why you can't invest heavily into games anymore. I hope everyone who has truly realized what this update is all about, never forgets this moment, and applies financial restraint with futur…
  • Oh boy, I can't wait to see the veteran playerbase pissed off about 4 man S3, and have new players scratch their heads about 8 man S3 being a thing.
  • This reminds me of the Hero class ranked list from One Punch Man. You'll never know the true Saitamas of Vindi. Though atleast these lists are better than Vindi's RISE list of top ranked players based solely on stats. Time to spend that $$$ to hit #…
  • Apparently it was, from what I've been hearing.
  • Thanks for forcing me into 4 man raids now for S3, with no option to go 8 man. So much for player choice. Just a lazy way to reduce lag for players, and hosts, by reducing the max number. Now you only have to hear complaints from the small group of…