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  • Update made you/friends quit? Please sign here.

    I stopped spending money on Vindi a few years ago, and it's the best decision I ever made ingame. If you play enough, you can buy pretty much anything you want with gold alone. Just need to put in alot of time and patience to hunt for items and deals. This update made my years of not spending any money, feel extremely good. I did waste alot of my money though on RNG gambling during Vindi's glory days, but atleast it was back when the game was great. Even though the enhancement system was still bad(before item ressing was introduced).

    If they really wanted my money, then they'd have to create a private ladder server using the original Vindi launch code. Just reset the clock and have nightmare 1 shot Gnoll Cheiftain back. They'd have to import all the currently developed characters though for it. I'm not saying start back with just Evie, Lann, Fio as the only choices. Then release old updates every month, which should slowly climb into full S1/S2/S3 content and etc. With old update bugs fixed before hand. Skipping the RISE update of course. Then they'd have to rework the enhancement system to a progression model. Like BDO/Kritika, where fails increase the success chance slowly with the same weapon. None of this weapon blowing nonsense. Just infinite AP rev, at a higher AP price every failure, till success.

    That's a dream scenario though, because it's 100% not going to happen with this Director. Would be a very interesting experiment though to compare the private ladder server numbers vs the current RISE server numbers. I guarantee you if all the old players came back for a ladder match, then they'd make more money on the private server over the RISE server.
  • There is more coming?

    There are some players that refuse to watch the streams due to the cringe factor in either the gameplay, historical reference to Vindi, or the presenters.

    I'm one of those players btw, for all of the above reasons.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    Demon Souls was harder. Dark Souls introduced Iron Flesh.

    The answer to "Where did the fun go?" is it went exactly where the new Director wanted it to go. Gambling. That's right, the real fun now is for the gambling addicts to throw thousands of dollars down in an extremely low attempt to hit +20 on X weapon. If you want to support the brains behind this update, then start throwing all your cash at runes and blow everything to hell. Then after you give them 50% of your savings account, you can look forward to the next update of +25 enhancement.

    If you don't like this update though, then stop spending money on this game and hope to God that no whales take the +20 bait. The only way this Director is getting fired is when the profit charts go negative.
  • Best of the Best

    This reminds me of the Hero class ranked list from One Punch Man. You'll never know the true Saitamas of Vindi. Though atleast these lists are better than Vindi's RISE list of top ranked players based solely on stats. Time to spend that $$$ to hit #1 on the Vindi money charts.
  • Rise: Revolution Preview

    Thanks for forcing me into 4 man raids now for S3, with no option to go 8 man. So much for player choice. Just a lazy way to reduce lag for players, and hosts, by reducing the max number. Now you only have to hear complaints from the small group of players that still run Neam only 4 times a week. Well played.

    Nexon: "Hey I got an idea! Lets make early game improvements, that should've been implemented 6 years ago, to encourage more people to play through till end game. Then we'll cut the max players for ALL raids(except the really time consuming ones) in half. That'll promote more players to want to play."