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  • Warning : Mats sent via mail will now all bind

    Mats sent to another account via mail will now all bind, this includes mats like para stones and iron ore that didn't previously bind. There is no warning message when sending the mail that the items will bind, nor does the receiver get any warning that the items will bind before retrieving them from the mail.

    Conveniently, there is zero mention of this in the patch notes.
  • Don't do charle's race

    It is heavily bugged, the last treasure chest drops no cores. The shining luminary inside can give you twilight orbs which have no use post-RISE as well.

    If you re-enter the dungeon, the race will restart as well, although this is pointless as the last chest drops no cores.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    @Question2 Now you're just being silly. I specifically had my Quick Battle setup to show S1/S2 raids so that I could help newer players clear content. Before QB I used to search the boards both in Malina & Colhen to see if there were lowbies needing assistance. According to your claim Vindi should become the most popular title in the West now, because the update has trivialized everything and taken away and depth that the game has. Everything that drops falls like rain, and crafting has been gutted, so there's no reason to dedicate time to the game anymore. All the supposed easy mode players that you used to help should be returning in droves, so you'll be in great company.

    Uh...sorry but the QB thing was only added relatively recently. Im talking about people who invite newbies in colhen channel 1 to their guild, or via using the auto invite feature, years ago. Or just offering help to them for things like red ruins. How often did you do that?

    I had a guild member quit at level 6 after making a Delia because he found leveling "too slow". He played for literally less than an hour. Tell me, how would you even have known he existed? He didnt get up to level 60 to do s1 raids and you would never have seen him at all in QB. Especially since he quit before QB was added to the game. Even KR devs admit that most players never get to level 60 at all and quit well before then. How would you know who they are or why they quit?

    I never said RISE making things easy was guaranteed to bring in tons of new players. Hell, its been less than a day? I said it was intended to bring in new players by making things easier for them. Whether or not that works as intended is another thing entirely.

    If you dont believe me that newbies quit because they find it too hard, again, that is up to you. But bringing it up in public and constantly accusing me of lying is silly. Please stop. Just be an adult and agree to disagree if you find our views incompatible.
  • "Rise" update - first impressions

    QOL changes are okay.
    Ein lacher bosses being slower with less hp is great.
    Loading times are much shorter.

    Whats retarded :

    Harder to get seals
    Normal mode muir doesnt drop para stones anymore + breakoff doesnt give an extra core
    Hero mode missing from most s1 battles, Ahglan has hero mode, but not Ingkells for some reason
    Normal mode = 3 cores = harder to get drops
    Trans being nerfed
    Attack limit removal being made less valuable
    AP restore nerf
    New enhancement system
    HP inflation
    Old mats not converted to new ones
    Removal of many useful features like teh mission board, gauntlets, etc
    Massive amount of UI bugs, party info window is stuck and cannot be moved now for example
    s2 battles missing story info if you have already completed s2
    There is nothing ingame that tells you where to get scrolls like valor now because derpcat was too lazy to include that info

    And tons more...
  • End Game For a New Player

    You can currently make a level 90 OJ weapon with 350 seals. You get 1 seal per raid (max 20 a day). It takes a long time to fully enchant gear though, as scrolls are rare, r7 scrolls only have a 40% max chance of succeeding and can break your gear. You need to be prepared to do raids and buy/trade scrolls with other players to get the ones you want. You will be able to slowly enchant your gear that way, but will probably take a few months to fully enchant your gear.

    Most new players that I have spoken to find this timeframe unacceptable and want fully enchanted gear in one month or less. They don't want to farm seals to make a OJ weapon either, they want it when they reach level 90, nor do they want to use runes to +10 it.

    Level 95 gear will be extremly tedious just to acquire. Everytime a new tier of gear is released, you can't get it in the seal shop (level 90 OJ seal shop mats on release were RNG and you were usually stuck with useless mats), this is to encourage players to run the new content to get the gear. To top it off, the stat requirements for the level 95 boss will assume you have fully enchanted level 90 gear.

    Honestly, if the thought of spending time doing raids to get seals so you can get endgame gear is a huge turnoff, you are better off not playing. Same for things like breaking your gear via enhancing/enchanting.

    The RISE update will give you a free set of +10 level 90 gear, but the essence will be purple and the enhancement rank will reset to 0 when you upgrade it to OJ. So you still need to put in time and effort to upgrade the gear to OJ, although it will be a lot less compared to crafting it from scratch. And you still need to use runes or find someone dumb enough to use IRL money to buy runes and +10 gear for you.

    People will argue that its technically not "required" to spend money on this game, but chances are, you need to. Oh sure, you can get a few runes from events, but are you really going to wait around for events to give you runes before you can make your end game weapon? Chances are, you will get bored and quit while waiting. Or you will use up your free runes then rage quit because you aren't willing to spend money on more runes.

    Instead of thinking that this game is "free to play", its probably best to think of it as "pay to end game". Games like WOW charge you $15 per month to even play, regardless of how much you actually play or which point of the game you are at. Games like Vindictus charge you nothing to play, but you need to spend some money to get end game gear. Overall, the latter is cheaper unless you are desperate to make a +15 weapon or get extremely unlucky. Would you rather spend $20 or less to make a end game weapon once every 2 years, or $15 per month while doing boring low level content?