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  • Enhancing past 12

    Arishante wrote: »
    That should mean much more customization to it...improving your custom gear as story progresses in a way. S3 content could've been the right step for this, with the shard system but nope it's the same old crap.
    They don't do this because they are fair or for progress.

    Like the recent +10 ~ 13 / enhance/enchant runes you get from playing the game ? In the last 2 months we've got like 7 enhance runes,2 premium enchant, 1 special rune,2 prem enhance and one +11 lvl 95 with 100% chance,+10coup from miri event,soon we get +10~15 coupon.
    Quit b*tching about the lack of "progression" when its clearly not the time for it

    The funny thing is even with all that event stuff you can succeed to make only one or two +11s because of RNG.

    With scrolls if you fail 4 r7 or above scrolls you at least get a 100% version of the scroll as a consolation prize and it is guaranteed progression. Going from +10 to +12 needs 5-6 tries on average and there is no guaranteed progression unless you are using seal shop stones or the once in a lifetime +11 level 95 stone.

    They should have applied the scroll scrap system to enhaning as well. Blowing up 4 +10 weapons gets you a +11 coupon for example. This would actually make more money for nexon since people would be more willing to buy runes for guaranteed progression. Instead, plenty of players refuse to buy runes because "i will blow my stuff up anyway and get nothing in return so why bother?".
  • Enhancing past 12

    Arishante wrote: »
    Question2 wrote: »
    Arishante wrote: »
    A 13 skeleton or further enhanced on an alt would be fun to play, but hey good call on them to prevent it. No fun allowed!

    I never thought of Nexon as a daddy figure, thank you for the laugh.

    If the enhance rates are the same, then you are looking at WAY too many tries to get a +12 anyway, considering that it resets after +7. The amount of stones you need is insane. I couldnt make a +10 and it was just pointless throwing money away on low level gear that I would quickly outlevel anyway.

    I already had a scrolled +12 from the time i played her, i didn't make it now from scratch. But what can i do with it now? i can't even break it for components.

    I get that if you're dedicated you can gear up with seals and events, and that's fine for one main character. I'm just stumped at why you have to discard old stuff like this, even level 95 content discards level 90. New scrolls only work with level 95 gear, and composites of level 90 gear and those of 95 gear aren't interchangeable.

    Because pre-rise, some people were trying to get +13 or highe on level 80 weapons since they were much cheaper and the AD was the same. With RISE they wanted to make level 80 gear drop often, but obviously if they kept AD the same then people would just farm s2 and mass enhance level 80 weapons without runes.

    Ironically we are now in a situation where it makes no sense to make a dulla weapon because you can make a +13 level 90 weapon via the seal shop, and the odds of making a +13 or higher dulla weapon is far too low to bother unless you are a whale.

    Its a RPG, theres bound to be progression. If theres no real reason to upgrade to the next tier because the second lowest tier is good enough, then you create a problem. If not for the +11 and +12 event stuff, most people wouldnt be trying to make dulla weapons when they can get a guaranteed +13 level 90 with more AD.

    When Lugh was released, he had far more HP than any other s3 raid boss...I think he had nearly 9m hp compared to 5.5m for lord glas. Once the novelty wore off, most people refused to touch him because why bother when regina/lord glas was easy and their mats were more profitable? Similar problem.
  • Warning : Mats sent via mail will now all bind

    This is for sending mats to another account. Shared storage is for the same account only.

    I sent a friend some iron ores via mail, neither of us got any warning and the ores bound to his character and he couldn't transfer it to his alt.
  • New Ad.

    CometCupid wrote: »
    I like it, it really screams that generic "this is an overview, real time, town building simulator" that all other ads that look like it redirect you to.

    Can't say I see it that way at all, nothing about it speaks to town building to me.
    Do alot of ads try to present an heroic Figure, of course they do but I suspect thats because it works.

    Most of the town building sims look nothing like one either...they show you some gorgeous girls to get you to click on the ad, then you realise the girls dont even appear in the game or are at best, some background images.


    S2 wasnt the skill based experience. Bosses like Kraken had 16k DEF on release which was nerfed down to 14k....at a time when most people had +10 level 60 weapons and drag mats STILL werent in the seal shop.

    The game was great up to roch. Equipment was pretty easy to craft aside from some rare drops like glas pants. Titan weapons were really easy to make because it only needed skill based breakoffs and trash mats. Breakoffs were actually relevant...thor's breakoff was really hard to do without crossgun kai however, as the "official" method of hooking often resulted in the chains breaking for no clear reason. And lets face it, most people were awful with chains.

    Scrolls were originally easy to get, then their drop rate got nerfed into the ground. People had to farm hero hoarfrost depths for 300+ runs, each run taking close to 10 mins, most of which was running and fighting tanky mobs. Armor scrolls were insanely rare....aside from WB from keag/lion, and evies with the super rare enthus from hero succubus, most people only had enduring/master es. People with full tut/sentinel sets were massive whales.

    Up till roch, +10 level 60 weapons and level 60 armor were sufficient for end game raids. This was great, because it meant that new players could quickly get geared up for end game content. Hero mode was optional, and even hero succubus could be done with 2nd trans to get enough ATT.

    Level 70 content was where things started going downhill. Roch raids had bosses with about 8.5k DEF off the top of my head...most people had 12.5k-13.5k ATT, but bosses werent that tanky. Drags had 9.6k def and were obviously balanced for players with level 70 gear...the problem being that drag mats were insanely rare. I did drags every day for more than 3 months and didnt get a single one. Anyone who did get one was hoarding them for their own use or their friends. On AUS, no amoutn of gold could allow you to buy one because simply put, nobody was selling.

    The grind was so bad that people started mass quitting. Doing roch/drags for months got you nowhere...drag mats were just too rare and there was no way to progress.

    Then they came out with s2, which was a complete flop. Most people still had +10 level 60 gear at this point...there was no AP restore, and events giving out runes were pretty rare. Odds of going from +5 to +8 was like 1/8...the amount of stones needed was insane. The attack requirements of s2 were so insane that most people couldnt even hurt the bosses. Jumping mechancis were awful...parties had to spam graces on bosses like willy. s2 rare mats were being sold for insane amounts of gold, and insane amounts of RL cash. I know someone who sold a krak fang for like $60 or something silly.

    Poeple got greedy and changed for the worse. There was a definate upswing in guild robberies and scams due to s2. S2 hosting requirements were much higher, and not everyone had a high end PC for it. Guilds would actually fight over people who could host 8 man s2 raids. The chill atmosphere of roch raids were gone. People started sucking up hard to anyone who could host 8 man s2 raids and people who had the gear to do them. People would literally run up to my raid parties in malina and try to get our party membes to ditch our party to join theirs instead, they were so desperate.

    Nexon greed came back to bite them in the ass...there was a massive exodus from the game, especially in KR. It took a LONG time but the game is a lot better now, although it still needs a lot of work. Unfortunately stats are a huge part of the game now...gone are the days where +10 level 60 weapons and swift set were all you needed for end game raids. But at least drop rates and events are better now....ive actually gotte OJ stuff from dullaha multiple times, when i never got a single drag/s2 rare in the old days.