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  • Quitting Rant

    Hi. I was known as Scarr on east. Just wanted to give one of those long detailed quitting rants you guys are used to seeing. Ready? Alright here goes.

    Im quitting permanently. Game was nice, i just got kinda bored, so yeah. My bro, P3gasus will take over. Good luck to y'all. K' bye.

  • RIP our usefull fansites

    As angry as we all are with the situation, i have to admit Saygo's response was well said and very fair in my opinion. Its very sad to see Sanitee go and there may be some breach or glitches in the black cipher that may or may not have unfairly triggered a ban to her. But its true that regardless of a player's accomplishment, everyone should be treated equally when being assessed for a ban or not. The same principle applies in the justice system of America. A fair unbiased trial must be given without favoritism.

    I pray that somehow Sanitee can return to us one way or the other. Until then, we will have to look forward and never forget her immeasurable contribution to our small but closely-knit community. Luckily we have forms of communication with her outside of vindictus and her website.
  • Where does delia sit in comparison

    What is the point of this thread?
  • Attack limit clarification

    I want to clarify the actual percent boost gained from attack limit release. There have been some confusions and numbers thrown around but I have done tests to prove that 2000 attack limit release equates to roughly 15.6%.

    Now I have not attack limit anything as I cant afford that nor are there any weapons I own that are even remotely worth to do it on. However, the new change to Niflheim has been a great place to test the effects of going above the attack cap. After blowing thru numerous guns for that glorious +15, I recently made a +12 term sent gun that I plan to just keep cuz fk ferghus and his shenanigans. It puts me at 22854 attack which happens to be very convenient as the def of niflheim bosses were raised to 11k, meaning the technical attack cap of nifl bosses are 20855. This means im exactly 1999 attack over the attk cap which basically we can just consider 2000.

    The way attack limit release works is that it adds the effective attack that goes over the attk cap. Normally being over 10,000 attack over the boss' defense meant you were fully capped and any higher wont do anything. Attk limit basically pushes it to 12000. Disclaimer: this is a very crude explanation, there are more detailed math behind this that for the sake of simplicity will not go into.

    Since im 1999 attk over the "technical cap" this basically means the damage I do would be equal to if I had 2000 attk limit release on any other boss in the game. Viewing my numbers, my nuke usually does 42k, but in zecallion it went up to 49k. 49/42 = 1.16666 which is basically a 16.6% increase. My hollow shots non enhanced typically do 6k but in zeca they were 6.9k. 6.9/6 = 1.15 or 15% increase. Enhanced perf first shot was 3k in zeca and is usually 2.6k so thats 3/2.6 = 1.1534 or 15.34%. Basically, the calculated guess of 15.6% is correct. To further gather more data, i also run niflheim on my arisha who is at 23.6k, meaning she is 2.8k attk over the atk cap in nifl. Her arcane flurry did bout 2.2k when normally its about 1.8k. 2.2/1.8 = 1.22 or 22%. If you do the math, each 1000 attk over cap is about 7.8% increase. So at 2000 its 15.6% and at 3000 its 23.4%. My arisha is in between, at 2800 over cap and saw a roughly 22% increase which makes sense mathmatically. this is just a follow up to a previous thread where I made this claim but had no evidence to back it up. Now I do.
  • The Future Of +15 Prices And Mysterious Shard

    While theoretically speaking +15 lvl 90s shud come down, another thing to keep in mind is that our population is quite low and will continue to be due to the nature of nexon and just vindictus being an old game that simply cant keep up with newer games. As such, the number of +15 lvl 90 weapons wont be as common. But then again, since the population is low and gold generation is low due to all of these events and exchange shops, even if +15s were to pop up, the demand may not be there either which forces people to lower the prices. It really depends on the market, how desperate buyers and sellers are, and just luck. Gotta be selling at the right place and at the right time.

    Regarding "immense" boost from the attk limit, to give you perspective on how much boost it is, a full 2000 attack limit release weapon compared to 0 attack limit release weapon is about the same amount of additional damage difference from a +10 to a +14 (not including speed). This approximates to about a 15.6% dps increase from +10 to +14. My source: i recall Shippuu mentioning it early on in the Vindi Discord. Whether this fact is still true I am unsure of. But I was one of the two pioneers of the vindi discord and am rather credible in the vindi community. Even so, you can confirm with Shippuu who is definitely very credible just to make sure. i feel tho the number I gave is reasonable and shudnt be too far off.

    Whether you find a 15.6% increase immense or not is up to you. If you wanna break it down, i kno you need 3 mystery shard to boost attk limit by 50. So 2000/50 is 40 and 15.6/40 is .39. So for every 3 mystery shard, you boost ur overall dps by .39%. Those are the hard cold numbers