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  • Second Weapon in the making confirmed!

    No they shud make a 3rd weapon for kai becuz he is currently not op enuf with his other two weapons
  • Recap - Bow and Blade Balance patch

    Honestly we should stray away from buffing characters. This game is so easy now its ridiculous. I didnt even start vindi when it first launched but I remember the days when TD and Kraken were actually a struggle. But the end result of tooth frags, ikkys sword frags, and the glorious kraken fang were of value and prestige. Now, even s3 mats are worthless and the raids go by so fast. This game has become trivialized by nerfing bosses to the floor, giving us easy access to mercs and goddess graces, makin lvl 90 gear completely broken op, and then finally to top it all off, buffing the **** out of characters. Devcat's and Nexon's response? Attack limit release lvl 90 weapons further buffing characters. To justify this addition? Add a crazy hard stat hungry elitist mode only available to the top goldbuyers/rnjesus players in the game.

    Ive stuck to this game for a while and I do enjoy it and personally feel ive mastered the characters I use and most of the bosses in the game. I have done my part and contributed to the community by being one of two pioneers to spearhead the Vindi Discord which has grown quite large and encompasses even EU and KR/CN players. I've had countless discussions on the old forums and try to interact with players in game and get some good ole raid trains going. But its moving in the wrong direction and shifting focus on the wrong things. Some of the changes are now just further exacerbating the old issues and making our community fall apart as good veteran players simply move on and leave. Im still holding on for that arisha buff since I do play her extensively, but my passion for this game is dwindling and dying. Such a shame, the game has an unrivaled combat system in the mmo department and very nice graphics/character models/artstyle.
  • Bow Kai Guide

    Similar to gun kai guide, I decided to move this here to and reword it a little:

    As a bow kai fixed shot is like hollow shot for gun kai: its your main move that you spam as much as you can. It does good damage and builds you more sp than it takes to use. The cost is 50 but the gain is about 30 per arrow and you shoot 3 arrows, so roughly 40 sp net gain. Shortbow should almost never be used. The only time you use it is if you are very sp deficient or are fighting extremely small bosses like iset/SQ (in which case I would have just gone gun). I see lots of other bow kais shortbow the majority of the time and that's just not how you use him effectively and its quite frankly boring.

    Damage: Fixed Shot, Ricochet, Arrow Storm, Rapid Fire, Eagle Eye
    SP reduction: Magnum

    To give you some perspective on the damage of his moves, ill use myself as an example (Capped stats, with +12 bow)

    1. Fixed shot (hits up to 3x, no CD): 1100 base, 2200 crit; 5000 if red hit marker; 1750-3500 on headshot; 8000 on red hit marker + headshot
    2. Magnum (hits 4x, each nxt hit is about half damage of previous hit similar to perforate, no CD): 5000 base, 10000 crit; 23000 on red hit marker; 8800-18000 on headshot; 34000 on headshot + red marker. The remaining 3 hits that come after trickle off and are half damage of previous hit but it is dependant on the nature of that previous hit. For example: first hit has base 5000, second one has base 2500, 3rd is 1250, etc. each can crit on their own and get headshot/red hit marker bonus independant of the others.
    3. Ricochet (hits 5x, no CD after magnum, 7 sec CD if used by itself): 1500 base, 3000 crit per hit; 6000 red hit marker; 2500-5000 headshot; 10000 red hit marker + headshot.
    4. EEA (can tag up to 7x, 30 sec CD): 3300 base, 6600 crit; 11000 red hit marker; 5000-10000 headshot; 15000 red hit marker + headshot.
    5. Arrow storm (hits 5x, 40 sec CD): 3450 base, 6900 crit

    Now that you know the relative damage, the CD, and the net SP cost or gain of each move, you can judge what is the best attack rotation. (I actually went into practice mode and crunched all these numbers to make an accurate conclusion on what is best to use. Remember, your numbers will be different depending on your stats but this at least gives you a baseline of how strong each move is when compared to each other in a control group). Typically, magnum+rico, fixed shot and arrow storm right as it hits CD are your main deeps. Shortbow if small boss or lacking SP.

    Side Notes:
    1. Hunter's Eye is rather hard to actually land and most of the time you won't get it simply because of hitbox bugs. Still it is useful as it guarantees a super critical damage, which is basically about 4x stronger than a non-crit attack (so basically 2x stronger than crit attack). Try to go for it if you can but don't stress too much as its got an insanely high skill ceiling to it. Going for headshots is more reliable.
    2. Regarding his dodge, yes it is more difficult to use than gun and it has less iframes. Grapple is rarely used. The dodge is just something you have to get the hang of over time. It is definitely one of the worse dodges in the entire game.
    3. Speed is very important for bow kai. He charges magnum faster and cancels out of dodges faster. He also ricos and arrow storms alot faster.
    4. As you may have noticed I did not really include a flow chart for bow kai like I did with gun kai. That is because he isnt restricted much by cooldown like gun kai and therefore has more freedom. Do what you think is good in any given scenario. I listed the damage to give you an idea of what each move is capable of.

    Bow kai has one of the highest skill caps in the game due to bosses moving constantly and you attempting to fish for hunter's eye and headshots. Shortbow is easy mode but Longbow is very hard to use in some raids. Don't be discouraged if you cannot do well with him, you just need practice and patience. He is rather difficult to use optimally.

    Glas Solo (not my own):

  • Crossgun Kai Guide

    A few people asked me to move my guide from the old forums so I decided to remake it and place it here. Feel free to use it or change it up, but I personally I feel this is the most optimal rotation you can possibly get.

    DPS Flow Chart during Enhance Bolt: Hunting party, build 180 sp, enhance bolt, double hollow, perforate, double hollow, six shooter, double hollow, perforate, double hollow, six shooter, etc. until enhance bolt is off cooldown. Sometimes if your speed is really high, you may end up in a scenario where all of your skills are on CD. In that case, pewpewpew away.

    DPS Flow Chart when Enhance Bolt is off CD: You should have alot of sp left over from hunting party and enhanced perforate + cat statue. Bolt Storm and Nuke accordingly, trying to get headshots as much as possible with bolt storm. Six shooter is a viable move still even without enhance bolt and perforate if you land mostly headshots. You should bolt storm before nuking since it builds you more sp back but that depends on the boss (ie. Succubus Queen, Iset, Lugh, etc.). Try to leave yourself at least 250 sp so when you enhance bolt you waste no time and can go into that flowchart listed above immediately. Greater cat statue syncs very nicely with hunting party. These should ALWAYS be used in conjunction.

    Side Note:
    1. In certain scenarios, sometimes you will find yourself in a situation where the boss is down and you are still in enhance bolt. If you can manage to get the majority of your shots headshots, then I would definitely go with using bolt storm even though it doesnt receive any buffs from enhance bolt. Bolt storm is actually his most damaging move if 80-100% of the hits are headshots. Even if none are headshot it still does tremendous damage.
    2. ALWAYS USE HUNTING PARTY. I can't stress that enough. Many many many kais fail to do this and its frustrating since with just two kais you can keep hunting party up 100% of the time. Hunting party actually boosts kai's own damage considerably since he has much better sp management.
    3. Speed is important on Gun Kai. Aim for 40-50 to be comfortable. Higher is better as you build more sp with faster bolt shooting, but the benefits diminish the higher you go since kai is ultimately restricted by cooldowns on his active skills. Still, at high speeds he feels very fluid and dynamic.

    Damage: Hollow Shot, Spin Smash and Six Shooter. Damage can be put on Perforate if your speed is very high, which means your SP gain is higher from faster left click shooting. 55+ should be when you can debate whether to use Damage or SP.
    SP reduction: Hunting Party and Bolt Storm. SP reduction can be put on Perforate if your speed is mediocre or slow. I would say under 40 you should definitely go SP reduction.
    Cooldown reduction: Enhance Bolt and Massive Impact. Enhance bolt is an absolute must.

    The inclusion of enhance bolt and reworkin of his active skills has made kai more complex and deeper mechanic-wise. He has much more things to keep track of and alot of options to choose from. He isnt hard to do damage with or to survive (buff to dodge was op), but playing him at a higher level has become harder and increased the gap between a bad kai, a good kai and an amazing kai. There are tons of people who dismiss kai has a baby mode and easy character and thus feel he is one dimensional and takes very little effort. Therefore they do not try and they don't explore his rather interesting and powerful kit.

    Demonstration of Optimal Rotation For Kai: Zecallion Solo
    Sorry for the low quality, I have since then figured how to record in higher quality.