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  • Idk man.... your arisha isnt nothing to harp about. thicc does not equal looks good lmao. And judging from your post i assume you dont top deeps soo.... not fashionable and no top deeps? Bowtacojr wrote: » Legend has it that the uglier you ch…
  • elcausa wrote: » Anju sucks at neam so you can take it off that list :P Naw fam u are good. Outside of neam too. I remember ur curries
  • Woops im on mobile forum sometimes iffy. Thought i put him there
  • Yea his solo vids were also pretty damn good. You too atherion, i enjoy watchin ur hurk. Atherion wrote: » Mainichi wrote: » Tariro wrote: » Mainichi wrote: » FrozenDecay would agree that Aatxe should be there under sword lann. Best La…
  • @dazzling why is it wrong? Ask pple on east. At least my list isnt trollin like most other lists.
  • Well ill just add a legit list, this is what it really shud be for east and includes pple in the past. Sword lann: swolelobsta, vergilmaycry, Tanryoku, chalant, aatxe Spear lann: FrozenDecay, teacup, blitzz Sword fiona: p3gasus, dinanko, kosc, …
  • @volterix naw i meant that shizukaa. I kno who ur talkin bout tho. I was just being petty and teasing axel cuz i heard he is in love with her or something.
  • Mission success, got u riled up. Man ur so salty, i love messing with always axel. Just set urself up nice and easy. Thanks for the entertainment thats all i wanted . And i nvr played lynn lol.ur memory is a bit hazy, prolly why ur not in school. D…
  • Woah there buddy getting really defensive over a couple of simple non hostile words lmao. You are so protective of boo4u, u guys goin out? What happened to ur side bae shizuka? Naughty naughty. P.S. it does concern me when you mention my IGN a co…
  • Hi boo4u, why didnt u use ur main account? BestKaiEast wrote: » Sword Fiona: HHHawk Hammer Fiona: AndromedaGM Spear Lann: XxX_360_Savior_420_XxX or Axel Sword Lann: Morgan Scythe Evie: HangeZoe Staff Evie: Tachi Chain Vella: Sav5 Sword Vel…
  • Whats going on? Cant see any screenshots posted and quoting is acting weird.
  • Not gonna lie, i made it public cuz im an attention hoe and according to the vindi community I am exactly 100% a filthy casual
  • Trust me, i wont. Ive never actually quit vindi. Just pretty minor hiatus. This is the final bout
  • Ofc man, gonna miss alot of my good friends but luckily discord lets me always stay in contact with everyone. I even met an absolutely amazing and beautiful person who I'm genuinely interested in dating irl hopefully. Maybe itll turn out as great as…
  • How bout no hit solo neamhain doe? Cash me outside how bou daaaaa
  • I failed a +3 to +4 attempt on my regina gun. For some reason i thought it was +5 for the longest time when it was actually +2. La Mao