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September 30, 1993
  • Rework?

    PorkyPig wrote: »
    Thank you all for the feedback, I now know to keep my expectations as low as humanly possible going forward

    I'd actually keep them even lower than that, if at all possible.
  • What's up with Fifi's face in game?


    I really had to dig for these lol. Doesn't look that much different imo
  • What is wrong with this game?

    Vindictus is horribly optimized (not optimized at all). lol

    I recently upgraded from an i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz to an i7 4770k @ 4.7ghz.
    Literally no change at all to my ability to host raids.

    If I have 1-4 people I'm generally okay with rarely any dips below 40fps when I host no matter the raid.
    If I have 5-8 people and I'm in Pantheum or Juggernaut or one of the other harsher raids, I'm lucky if I get anything more than a slideshow at 10-25 fps. And in raids that don't crush fps like Havan or Iset I'm lucky if I maintain 40fps. Usually struggling around 30 or 35fps in those.

    Also, go to Twilight Desert and host a raid. Go into the dungeons, rotate the camera around. Vindictus renders the dungeon room and the rest of the map.
    Kill off the enemies, then keep the fps display on and rotate the screen around. As you get back to viewing the rest of the map and not just the dungeon room the fps drops significantly. When you're no longer facing the rest of the map the fps increases again.

    For this reason, I think the fps drops in Vindictus are all because the game renders things that are off-screen and it renders a hell of a lot of them without consideration as to whether or not those objects are in view. My friends and I have a theory about Juggernaut that the fps drops are because the game is rendering all those useless gears turning in the background behind the walls of the cavern you fight in. And for Pantheum it's his cloak effects and all the lava that's probably behind the walls and under the floor.

    I remember a while ago that a GM came out and said that so long as you don't virtual box and you have one computer per account logged in you can have multiple characters logged in.

    For this reason, it may be beneficial if you are playing with friends and you all agree with it, that you have a separate "host" computer set up. This host computer logs into a dummy account and hosts the raid so it has to bear the burden of all those stupid and pointless renders. You face him away from the action so it doesn't have to render any of that and then you guys can all fight with normal 60fps.

    AND if what I remember about the GM saying about multiple computers for different characters logged in holds true.
    You wouldn't be playing it, it just logs in, hosts the raid, you join, and then it turns away from the action and sits there.
    The rules I recall were that everyone in the raid must be made aware of this and must agree to it. So generally, it's best if you just do it amongst your friends in private raids only. Pubbies that see the host afking despite what you may try and explain will be get annoyed unless the raid ends really quickly each time. ANd hey, you double your drop rate. *shrugs*

    I think I posted this in another thread, but I'll repost it here since it proves exactly what you're talking about:


    "Vindictus breaks like every single rule you learn when you're taught game design"
  • Show off your Fiona.

    PC is back wheeeeeee





    IGN: Aleenia

    EDIT: Until they fix the forums - http://imgur.com/a/wPqE1
  • What's happening to my Fiona?

    This might not help, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

    Can you not block any attack, or just certain attacks? How soon before the attack hits are you blocking? When you successfully deflect, does the actual deflect sound lag behind?

    The answer might simply be your ping. Everything you've described sounds like my experiences on Fiona every time my latency is acting up, and since I'm stuck on god-awful DSL, that's quite often. When your ping is very high, attacks will go right through your shield, but for whatever reason, deflect still seems to work just fine (AFAIK the hit detection for block is probably host or server side and for deflect its client side?). The telltale sign here is that when you successfully deflect, the "clang" sound will play about a second after its supposed to. Additionally, your attacks should be noticeably slower, even without hit drag.

    The next time you notice it happening, or even right now, run a test on pingtest.net and see what you get. Packet loss should be 0% and Ping should be in the double digits (ignore jitter). If its really bad, let me know and if its not, well, I tried.