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  • When was your first Holy #$%* moment?

    I ended up disliking him later but when Ellis died I sat there thinking "he can't be dead... right?"

    But he was very, very dead.

    I think the other moment for me was when we had to kill Silberin and Ingkells?
  • Easter Bunny (Event or a Job) Poll

    Should've been an option for "too much work so I decided not to bother". Not going to spend that much time for an event. Though some people may enjoy it.
  • Common misconceptions other players have

    * That people play this game for anything besides the fashion.
    * Nexon cares about the players.
    * There is a map at the beginning of Secret Naughty Chamber that shows which buttons/squares you have to press once you go down the stairs.
  • So what's going on with DevCAT?

    The fact that an endgame scroll is nearly just as likely to blow up your weapon/armor as it is to succeed UNLESS you use a cash shop item on it should be proof enough.
  • Kai's X gun kai rolls

    It's not about timing attacks in and out of melee range, as crossgun for max DPS you always want to spin smash if you have to dodge, you always want to animation cancel hollow shot with dodge spin smash, you want to use all revolver skills (besides spin smash and bolt storm) on cooldown essentially, hollow is 6sec cd and melee range. most (not so great) kais already animation cancel by dodging away from the boss not towards him. So if gun kai gets forced to play from far away against bosses with multihits that will go through his non-bolt dodge eventually (Keaghan 4 hit) out of fear of getting literally trapped in his dodge frames, that is dumb and only punishes the good kais.

    Bow kai doesnt have this problem because he has dodge grapple. And for example spear lann doesn't have this problem because his dodge is ultra-fast, unlike laggy crossgun dodge.

    Point is laggier dodge -> makes it significantly harder to avoid quick multihit attacks -> play farther away so you don't have to dodge as much -> inefficient and less DPS overall.

    If it was intended to make farming slower, that's just dumb.