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  • Common misconceptions other players have

    * That people play this game for anything besides the fashion.
    * Nexon cares about the players.
    * There is a map at the beginning of Secret Naughty Chamber that shows which buttons/squares you have to press once you go down the stairs.
  • So what's going on with DevCAT?

    The fact that an endgame scroll is nearly just as likely to blow up your weapon/armor as it is to succeed UNLESS you use a cash shop item on it should be proof enough.
  • East/West 1 on 1 Arena fights

    >Good player respectfully asks for some fair fights
    >People talk about how good they are, but refuse to fight him


    I'll add your west kai when I'm back home.
  • need carries on west..

    Ask Terrorist :)
  • PVP Power Ranks?

    @DesireOfMine You trashing boat pvp and calling it "skill-less" is unfair when you haven't tried it lol, because NOBODY does well in boat pvp without being good. There is an insane amount of spacing, timing and reading going on, much more precise in arena IMHO - having played both, my opinion is that shorter dodge timings are better; your leniency in boat pvp is much more strict, therefore you must be much more precise. Yeah some things are broken in boat pvp I don't disagree (transcendence is one of them as you listed; chainblades are broken against the vast majority of the cast), but there are definitely similar issues in arena with character viability (though, slightly less extreme.) Stars are balanced for stats in boat pvp as well, something that is not done in arena.

    Boat pvp has more limitations but is more precise and less lenient than arena is, fact. Arena is significantly more laggy than boat pvp. Someone can be good at arena and bad at boat pvp, and someone can be good at boat pvp and bad at arena. Or someone can be good at both. However trashing one and calling it "skill-less" when you have solely played the other is not justified imho. I would love to duel you in boat pvp as the same character (barring chainblades). I am happy to admit that I am not as skilled with arena as I am in boat pvp, though I have tried it many times as my server migrated to it, and could never totally get into it. However you are definitely blindly stating opinions that you haven't actually tested and are just assuming.

    Like, please re-read your post again:
    "Now in PvP you play against another PERSON, who isn't programmed in any way, and doesn't perform any pre-attack animations in purpose to help you indicate in advance what will happen in a moment so you could time your dodge perfectly at that timing. Your opponent can use some attack a little earlier or with delay, or he may not use it at all, cancel it and use some other move. Another thing is that your opponent can simply spam attacks very fast one after another... however you can not lengthen your invulnerability on dodge in such scenario (even if you could predict it).
    Let's say you predicted an attack at proper timing and you use dodge, but you get hit right after with another attack before you can make any other action because your character has to finish dodge animation first (especially if you have lower speed attack, which means that your animations are longer - which leaves you vulnerable for a longer period). Other words YOU SUCCEEDED PREDICTION - BUT YOU STILL GET HIT simply because you're unable to follow with any other action when necessary... does it make any sense? Nope."

    There are a very low amount of characters than can cancel their moves into separate instant moves - no character has an instant attack (besides like... hurk shoulder bump, barely, and spear lann dodge which is a matter of poor spacing if you are hit by.) Even karok needs to smash or weave before he can blast. Name me any character that can spam attacks very fast that it goes through dodge because besides chainblades... there isn't one (all characters can get away from spear lann, and bow kai uses longbow in the vast majority of duels).

    Attack speed doesn't affect dodge animations in boat pvp unless it's slashing high (which is banned), 99% sure.

    "You succeeded prediction but you still get hit" is simply in no case true, I listed above my post that Formation the best spear lann on West would dodge my hollow shot 90%+ of the time with his 0.3 second dodge, no matter how much I tried to trick him with it. And any character can play with this extreme precision, there are simply no attacks that do what you are describing (besides chainblades, again...)

    Knockdown locking isn't a thing in boat pvp, I have not once seen it happen after someone gets knocked down. Maybe they get hit upon standing up if they roll in the wrong direction but they aren't locked any further because of 1) standing endurance 2) no character has an infinite stunlock into death combo. Meanwhile camping recovery frames in arena IS DEFINITELY A THING and at least on West is known as recovery camping, where timing your attacks properly will always hit your opponent in their recovery frames due to poor latency (please also see: infinite juggling)

    Low stamina usage in boat pvp resulting in attack spam is simply untrue, there is plenty of room to outspace attack spam or wait until they go through stamina uselessly.

    Some characters do get a not so great time in boat pvp for invulnerability frames (staff evie) but I personally secondaried staff evie in boat pvp and found it EXTREMELY fun despite the lack of invulnerability frames you get, it means you have to use your mana mines and flying sparrow creatively to create walls between you and the opponent that they are attemping to space through. (This was before the current rework, where mana amber was made much more powerful and running focus became a thing).

    You have a good story however you are definitely misinformed/uninformed about boat pvp, your assumptions about it as simply incorrect. I personally was mentored by the best boat pvp Kai and one of the best PvPers on the server as a young level 71 player.

    25k wins in arena is significantly different than 1-4k wins in boat pvp. It can take an hour to get 25-30 wins in arena, it takes 6-7 hours to get 25-30 wins in boat pvp because each duel takes 3-4 times the time, and in boat pvp you are often watching others fight rather than fighting constantly.

    DesireOfMine I did not mean to insult you earlier, I was a little bit annoyed in my post but I am glad you and the other poster have explained where you are coming from. To me it just seemed like the average well-geared player that will praise arena and rag on boat pvp without actually being educated on either. I hope since you have a significant understanding of arena that you will consider my points on boat pvp and possibly try it with me if we are given the opportunity, as I am very confident in my abilities in boat pvp. (In addition, crossgun vs chainblades is one of the only fair fights that chainblades has nowadays; though I mostly play longbow in boat pvp now).