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  • @Nexon: Walling off NA?

    What's the big deal?? Just use the VPN to skip the launcher region restriction then turn off the VPN before the main menu and play normally...
    Ppl do that since ages. Also ban and IP restriction are 2 different things.
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Kurs wrote: »

    Let's ignore for a moment the fact wherever ppl complain/dislike smt (not just this thread) u're there 'not' trying to watch the whole picture but always going against what everybody think and weirdely always following Nexon pov on everything.
    That alone make me wonder who you really are or what's your duty here.

    But ignoring that side aspect, I guess there're some hints which are showing that things aren't going exactly like have been described.

    Fatigue has been described as:

    1- An implementation that act as bots repellant.

    First of all, there're many other ways and alternatives to find bots/macro and ban them without directly involve/punish the other players.
    A lot of other games doesn't make use of the fatigue system yet they works pretty well. While those who use such escamotage
    always give you the option to 'skip' such penalization by paying. Weird uh?

    The curious thing is, if this sytem was designed 'only' against the bots/macro why in the world is directly tied to 2 NX items that u can find in the cash depot??
    Vip and VVIP which cost several NX provide less consume of fatigue which make them precious and the same potions to recover the fatigue are sold for 300NX each one.
    If this was planned only to counter the bots plague why they give you options that can reduce or avoid totally the issue by 'paying some cash' ?
    ^ This by itself give at least a hint about the true nature of this feature.

    2- To be part of future content.

    This part is way more realistic but like someonelse made notice in another thread this also mean that many of the possible good events during the year will be 'replaced' by these filler 'potions events' which not only reduce the amount of actually good events in 1 year but also push ppl to play/work to obtain what?
    ''a chance to play a little longer..'' Yes this is the ultimate prize. Pretty sad.

    Doing all this in a game that barely survive since a few years with a very low playerbase is imo a very risky move.
    You can dare to do that in China or Korea where there are a lot of players that somehow will stick to the game but not here.
    (Yet they don't rely on fatigue system only cause apparently..they have also the anticheating+ captcha + the registration via ID Card/phone which show how the fatigue system alone isn't enough to fight bots, or maybe its purpose never been that at all).

    As for the "they wouldn't try to hurt the game intentionally" ofc they wouldn't try but indirectly they're.
    - Ppl are descouraged and don't feel like to play like before due to the game being too much limitating.
    - Whoever farm something can't farm anymore.
    - If a new player ask for help with their story line nobody will go cause they'll prefer to keep their fatigue safe for their own stuff.
    - A new player that is enjoying the game while leveling get insta blocked at some point due to lack of fatigue points, and eventually get upset or quit.
    - Ppl who fail raids like redeemers or want to practice, or have problems with disconnections lose fatigue points as well killing even more their will to play.

    Add to this that like any other company they might have economic targets and objectives, which usually tend to aim always higher, and this might be an attempt to further step up.
    I can't talk for the future but from what the current roadmap show is quite clear that something there really changed:

    - We had 4 type of armors which would allow ppl to customize their stats build based on their tastes while now we have just one unified. (Less work)
    - New Inners and hair which were produced frequently, now are released quite rarely. (Less work).
    - There has not been any development of dungeons level 100 and there won't be any 105 too. (Less work)
    - Instead they said they will release raids more frequently instead of raids+dungeons designs. (Less work).
    - Recycle old content like ships graveyard (and not only) and change the light color to red to distribute the new mats. (Work close to 0)
    - They switched from monthly direct sales where you could purchase what u want (mostly outfits) for about 30dollars
    to a system of gacha boxes where u can spend even 400dollars and find nothing at all OR if u reach the amount of tickets required you actually
    spent 400dollars instead of the old 30. (More incomes).
    - After all this, add the fact that now you should also 'pay' for an item that allow you to play a little longer. (Slightly more incomes)

    I can see the whole picture from several hints which personally tell me how this game is losing in quality and trying to become just a moneygrab minimizing the
    work and pushing out sales.
    I understand quite well that there a lot of ppl working behind and those ppl need to be paid but you should try to keep both incomes and quality of the game balanced, while the more forward we go the more you can feel how the quality is going lower and the greediness is growing.

    Can you see that as well or u'll keep trying to preach a delusional optimism?
    However i'll look forward to see how this whole thing will evolve...

    (Side note: Must be said and appreciated a lot tho the efforts of the NA department which managed to split the audio language to satisfy the loudly request from a lot of ppl.. One of the few episodes where good willing to improve quality overcame the economic aspects).
  • Wow you guys really killed this game

    Annaz wrote: »
    I think the fatigue system was implemented to merge us with KR soon. Nexon said it was necessary to update us with it for a future update.

    LOL.. That was a good one :D
  • Token/Fatigue System.

    Considering Fatigue cost of S4 raids use 24% Fatigue and Crimson Ship Graveyard taking 28% I'd say that is gonna hurt a lot.

    Holy crap... even worse than specials.
    300nx to get back 10% energy which woudln't even be enough for one S4 run. Pathetic. We really reached the bottom here.
    If this is not a shady attempt to make ppl pay to play idk what it is.
  • The Fatigue System

    I'm amazed how you find always new ways to screw this game. Remove this s**t ASAP pls or TIME TO QUIT for good for many ppl.