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  • Wow you guys really killed this game

    SSDD wrote: »
    I think the fatigue system was implent due to china law . (minor curfew online gaming)
    as for a possibility to merge with Kr that will never happen... Unless
    first this game as country lock.
    (if a na player ever go into eu it lag alots.)
    For this game to be merged with KR would also mean = NO wait time for New Update.

    Depend what u mean by merge. If you mean a server merge that could be impossible due to extreme lag, different language between players, phone registering, Captcha and other craps. China, Taiwan, Korea, and NA/EU have their own built ecosystem.

    Is way more probable like have been said already that this is just an attempt to monetize/milk even more the game through the monthly purchase of a vvip which will become especially important with S4 due to the high usage of fatigue. They test here what have been done 'there' for a long time ignoring the fact west players doesn't react in the same way. I hope they'll realize that before is too late.
  • Token/Fatigue System.

    Considering Fatigue cost of S4 raids use 24% Fatigue and Crimson Ship Graveyard taking 28% I'd say that is gonna hurt a lot.

    Holy crap... even worse than specials.
    300nx to get back 10% energy which woudln't even be enough for one S4 run. Pathetic. We really reached the bottom here.
    If this is not a shady attempt to make ppl pay to play idk what it is.
  • Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?

    Imagine having +1 core on normal parties.
    Would be very nice tbh but rip qb battles.
    Pretty sure 80% of the ppl wouldn't use them anymore.

    Sadly with such crappy drop rate ppl have to rely on any lil bit of luck.

    On a side note:
    MetalLotus wrote: »
    Is this the newest ''help me I need attention'' thread?

    The pot calling the kettle black?
  • Upcoming guild shop price increases -- buy now!

    You forgot to mention an important thing: The new gob that cost 400 seals is not the normal gob stone, but it has a flat 3% success increase instead of the old 10% on the total. Which mean is slightly more useful on high enhances and way worse on low enhances.

    That said the cost in guild seals is still a bit too much high.
  • Share your enhance and reforge experience

    "How should it affects your relationship with your pets" ??