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  • Alitael - the Q or E buffs work by empowering the next attack, it doesn't happen by itself after pressing E or Q. You don't need to hold R. For example, if you input LLLR, there will be a prompt for Q and E if you have at least 1 Qi (or have Flow…
  • Icyz - Glad it's helping! About LLLLRL, I didn't mention it in its own section, but it was included in the bottom-left of the combo-tree in page 4 "Combos & Active Skills".
  • NA | REKT | 279 Members | 246,000+ GP Are you an OP player? Do you want to be part of an OP guild? Then REKT is the place for you! Our members are known for being well-geared, dedicated, hardcore boolies carries that can take on anything Vindi…
  • Here are my thoughts after the past ~2 weeks of gameplay. Hopefully I'll get good enough someday to make a guide similar to the "A Guide to Glaive" post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Please don't hesitate to comment if you have anything to add/correct! COMBOS:…
  • Bubolynna wrote: » Anyway this looks confusing at first but once you get it is realy easy. GL all mastering battleshade! I like it a lot and deals more dmg compared to glaive! Right?! I'm absolutely loving the DPS and how much more "in the thic…
  • @Bubolynna So, if you just do LLRR without pressing anything else, the spinning smash will go backwards. If you want the smash to go forward instead, when you use the LLRR combo, right after the first R you have to hold the [backwards] movement key …
  • @PooStick Hopefully pressing S helps! That must have gotten pretty frustrating @Kuzlatko The LLLLR combo displays yellow dmg numbers for me as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm sure there must be a reason to use the other smashes, but hitting constant LLRRs…
  • ALSO for anyone else reading: you can use the Q or E buff on some SP skills as well. For example, in the Aes Solo video I linked at the top, she uses: "LR E" -> Paranormal Parasol (at 1:15) and "LR E" -> Sudden Gust (at 2:13)
  • @Puppyman wow that's awesome! I'll look through this immediately~ EDIT: nice intro guide! I'm sure this can help some Lynns ease into Blute @neonBarnacle I'm loving the mob clear combos you mentioned, thanks! All great points - SP reduction on th…