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  • [Event] Show Off Your Guild

    NA | REKT | 279 Members | 246,000+ GP

    Are you an OP player? Do you want to be part of an OP guild? Then REKT is the place for you!

    Our members are known for being well-geared, dedicated, hardcore boolies carries that can take on anything Vindictus can throw at us. For every newly released challenge, REKT eagerly charges forward, striving to be among the first to clear and master it.


    What Makes REKT Special:
    • With over 15 unique players ranked in the top ten of their class, REKT is home to some of the strongest in the entire server. These players aren’t your typical whales, either. Many of our most geared players[img][/img] are also the most skilled. But more on that later
    • Even though REKT is a large guild, we make sure every one of our members are taken care of. We have an active discord server and guild channel with members online at all times of the day (and night) available to help with anything.
    • We are highly organized, both in and out of game. Soon after Balor was released and we still had Guild/Passport Redeemers, REKT created and maintained weekly Redeemer schedules to ensure that all members who wanted to participate would be able to sign up and complete all of their weekly clears.
    • REKT members also work together to stay on top. Anytime a friend needs help with a difficult title or wants practice for a new tough raid, our strong members come together to help, restarting battles as many times as necessary until we accomplish what we set out to do.


    Big Achievements:
    • Getting everyone to line up for a picture
    • Redeemers Solos: REKT has one of (if not the largest) collection of players who have successfully solo’d Neamhain and/or Balor, with over 20 recorded completions. Some of these players were even the first of their weapon-class to do so in the entire NA server:
      1. Neamhain: Veneratoria (Miri), Grimden (Grimden), SaintMage (Staff Evie), Aghaudin (Cestus Karok)
      2. Balor: Veneratoria (Miri), RikkuShadow (Battleshade Lynn), Nyok0Katsumi (Delia)
    • Assisting Others: For the first few weeks of Balor’s release, REKT would host practice parties to help members and non-members learn how to survive his brutal one-hit kill attacks. Often times, this included members joining a Balor and leaving at the last minute to save a run for others who still needed help.

    My History With REKT & Why Others Should Join:
    I returned to Vindictus after a long hiatus 2 years ago, with a glaive Lynn incredibly under-geared and contributing less than 10% in every raid battle I joined. Last March, when Lynn’s battleshade was released, I was determined to become good enough to be one of the carries that others want to have in their parties.

    Through many months of repeating raids, learning boss attack patterns, and slowly gearing up, I began recognizing the names of players that helped to complete battles abnormally quickly. And many of them had one thing in common: <REKT> displayed proudly underneath their name. From then on, I had a desire to become as strong like REKT and one day be skilled enough to carry their members.

    While I still have much to improve on, REKT has been nothing but kind to me and has always been willing to help myself and others understand the core mechanics of Vindictus and how to succeed in increasingly difficult boss fights.

    Future Goals With REKT:
    • Be the first to complete a Hell mode battle with all 8 members being from REKT
    • Have the most decked-out house in all of NA!

    Semi-fun facts:
    • Some of us stream! Keep an eye out on Twitch c:
    • We carry in other games too, like League of Legends! Other games some of our members enjoy include BDO and MHW


    Motto: brutal savage REKT
  • Guide to Blute Lynn

    Hello! I've been playing Blute Lynn since the day it was released and wrote up a guide based on observations I've made since then.

    It contains info about:
    - The Qi Bar
    - Combos & Actives
    - Dodging
    - Skill Ranking Priority
    - Tips & Tricks
    - and more

    I tried to keep it interesting for all Lynn players, new and experienced alike. My Lynn's name is RikkuShadow on the NA server - please feel free to let me know if there is anything I can add.

    Hope it helps!

    Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eDcZRec48ZhWvBEFpA2sGahaJP7MHfYe03TnOGJ4kRM/edit