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  • If their main reason for implementing this was to fight gold bots, then why not make gold useless in this game? Personally, I would remove the marketplace and mailbox so players can't buy, sell , or trade anything. Without a gold economy, then gold …
  • It's the same reason why Cartman wouldn't let anyone into his amusement park: Sorry I think I voted yes on accident; I misread the question. So No, I would not be opposed to the removal of the IP Region Block.
  • ByteStix wrote: » Hey guys, My name's Stix and I run the MMOByte Youtube channel. We're almost at 100k subscribers currently and I'm going back, taking the time to play through some of the old MMORPG's I had fun in back in 2016/2017. Vindictus …
  • Madcobra wrote: » You look more dead and your post then this game >_> I think you meant to say "You and your post look more dead than this game >_>" What was your intent anyway? ---> If anything you only admitted to the fac…
  • Honestly, they could have made the siege matches more fun if they combined it with boss brawl. The bosses could have spawned after players blew up the gate, or right when the gate reaches 25% health. It would have been their team's last line o…
  • If the game really is dying, I seriously doubt they would want to come back here. What would be the point? What are they gonna do? - Hack everyone's account and stop them from playing before the servers shut down? I'm sure they have better thi…
  • gogoshica wrote: » "make bosses challenging again............restore assist mode" Vindi players don't even know what they want,proved once again.Haha Assist was a really good option back in the day, since it actually gave people incentive to…