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  • Guild Wars / Battle Royale

    Has this PvP Mode been implemented yet?

    How many players can you have in a Guild?

    Wouldn't it be great to see huge maps dedicated for this?

    I remember when we used to have huge raids with over 30 players.

    Guild wars might take PvP up a notch if we had 50 v 50 match seeing over hoards of players fighting each other.

    A Battle Royale would be fun to watch as well: 2-5 Players from each Guild enter a map that gets smaller every 10 minutes or so until only one team is left standing.

    Really wished they gave some better rewards for PvP, but I'm sure it'll still be fun to watch. Please keep posting your streams and videos for PvP!
  • Vindictus 2018 Impressions Review

    ByteStix wrote: »
    Hey guys,

    My name's Stix and I run the MMOByte Youtube channel. We're almost at 100k subscribers currently and I'm going back, taking the time to play through some of the old MMORPG's I had fun in back in 2016/2017. Vindictus was one of those games.

    I would love to know what you guys think of my "2018 impressions" video, though, if you get the chance:

    Or, alternatively, if you'd rather read my thoughts, then: Vindictus Review

    Thanks for your time and patience!

    Best Regards,
    ByteStix wrote: »
    Glad to have sparked such a passionate discussion!

    Remember - this was my first impressions, not an actual "review" of the game. So anyone taking it as such missed the entire point of the video. It was merely to give our viewers a look at how the game plays in 2018 for someone tackling it for the first time. You're more than welcome to flame away and criticize the video - it's your prerogative. At the end of the day, my viewers enjoyed watching me mess around for a few hours as a newbie, and that's really what counts.

    Regardless, thank you all for chiming in to the discussion! Glad to see the community isn't dead yet!

    Hey BitesDicks,

    If this was some weak desperate attempt to gain more subscribers, you can GTFO.

    No our community isn't dead but if you keep making crappy videos like this, your career and channel will be.