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Guild Wars / Battle Royale

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Has this PvP Mode been implemented yet?

How many players can you have in a Guild?

Wouldn't it be great to see huge maps dedicated for this?

I remember when we used to have huge raids with over 30 players.

Guild wars might take PvP up a notch if we had 50 v 50 match seeing over hoards of players fighting each other.

A Battle Royale would be fun to watch as well: 2-5 Players from each Guild enter a map that gets smaller every 10 minutes or so until only one team is left standing.

Really wished they gave some better rewards for PvP, but I'm sure it'll still be fun to watch. Please keep posting your streams and videos for PvP!


  • QuiJinnQuiJinn
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    We had Guild vs Guild many years ago.
    It was a lot of fun!
    But PvP is dead now.
    PvP could be brought back to life if they implement the Onslaught reward system to the PvP world (Death Match).
    The Royal raids are reduced to a max of 12 players. Which is oke
    But a 50 vs 50.. Wont happen in these laggy servers :x