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Request/Demand: Unblock Israel !


  • kashim22kashim22
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    Tell me how can i get the money i have invested in this game?
    I want it back!
  • yarden32yarden32
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    august - and still waiting.
  • DaimnonZDaimnonZ
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    Okay now you whining impolite country fellas, I am also a resident of Israel (Which I just discovered is not blocked anymore hurray!)

    Now listen carefully about this "Right" thing and the not guarantee to add the game, how spoiled can you be demanding a business to make illegal actions because you are having inconveniences?

    I agree that the answer of the agent at first was open to wrong interpretation BUT, the kind person who answered this thread and tried to reason with this thread's owner has gone out of his way probably to check on this subject, an employee cannot by any means guarantee that a corporation will hear yours or THEIR cry for help as there are more factors than you could consider.

    First, any added country of an outer region will affect the game's connectivity and WILL cause lags to EVERYONE, until solved the company cannot allow the fortune of a "small" number of players to make the whole community suffer.

    Second, when they talk about rights they probably talk about legal rights as corporation and not as human right as in it is most certainly not meant as "Because you are from Israel you do not have the right to play our game anymore" it is way more logical to assume that the "rights" they are talking about is their right as a company to gain access or permission to initiate an outer region server or even there could be some political consequences that you do not consider.

    Third, a person is coming to your aid and your shitting on their head? that person has reached out to you guys in promise to try to help, of course he cannot promise to succeed. Let me ask you guys, if you would work in retail and a customer would ask for a time machine, would it be your responsibility to make one? is it your responsibility to make sure to company your work for sells time machines? you see how incredibly stupid it is to try and make someone promise you a thing they have no affect on what so ever?

    And one more thing, as an Israel resident, born and raised I am ashamed that no one has even thought about the other side of the picture, yes the response was not good in any way, that is a single person's response which have failed to pass on their meaning probably, BUT as proof, even when this long awaited the game IS available, which means there probably WAS a reason for it to not be available, I never got to experience this game yet and I have waited for a decade or even more for it to be available and it finally is. If you are angry at your investment remember it is by YOUR initiative to play this game, if you do not agree with the company or angry with it just stop supporting it and do not play it games, the company itself has no obligation to any individual that has NOT invested or contributed to the startup of this game. It is narcissistic to think a large scale company as Nexon owe you specifically to be able to play the game.

    As a game developer it is indeed the developer's responsibility to TRY and take actions in order for every person to be able to enjoy their content without discrimination now let me ask you this, what about the blind or the physically disabled? is it also the developers fault that they cannot fully play the game?
    YES, do the developer try to solve this problem? probably YES, can they solve this problem? probably NO, will they keep trying? probably YES. As the developer cannot possibly make everyone happy it does not mean they are not trying, they cannot be held responsible for the blindness of a person as they cannot be hold in account for not having the right to allow Israel in a NORTH AMERICA SERVER. They should have not stopped the support for the European server I agree but we cannot possibly know their reason for it, is it racism? is it lack of funds? is it political problems?

    We can and should ask for help in matter that are important to us but asking for help is very different from demanding stuff from people you don't know and don't owe you nothing.

    We should ask for help and we should want our voice to be heard but as long as the company isn't doing Injustice, if they are not acting from a place of hurting others and purposely denying content from Israel because it is a Religious/ Different Race / Different Gender and so on WE do not have the right to demand an action that could and will cost funds, resources and time for our own convenience, WE CAN ASK, WE CANNOT DEMAND in that situation, with that said if the reason of the ban is because of some sort of discrimination then the company should pay greatly for their actions, as we do not know the reason and it doesn't seem like any of you tried to investigate the reason for which Israel is banned thoroughly and with serious angle and only cry about the so called "misjustice" that have occurred.

    Israel is currently unbanned from the game. you can check it in this page: