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  • New Year's Crash Course Q&A

    It's time to take the quiz!

    Main Story S1 E1 Tome
    What is the name of the red-furred boss in the Perilous Ruins?! Gnoll Chieftain

    Main Story S1 E2 Tome
    What is the monster that made the kobolds tremble in fear?! Polar Bear

    Main Story S1 E3 Tome
    What is the name of the lady in the General Store? Hint: She used to live in Ainle! Fenella

    Main Story S1 E4 Tome
    Who is king of the Fomors, leader of the extremists, and sworn enemy of all humans everywhere? Black Scar

    Main Story S1 E5 Tome
    What ancient race can be found in the Hoarfrost Depths? Yeti

    Main Story Extra S1 E1 Tome
    What is the name of the Golem that stands over Ortel Castle? Ahglan

    Main Story S1 E6 Tome
    While you were fighting Black Hammer, who was the Fomor that Keaghan was fighting? Shakarr

    Main Story Extra S1 E2 Tome
    What is the favorite drink of Krunk at the Bar in Rocheste? Frothy Beer

    Main Story S1 E7 Tome
    What is the name of the lizardman in the Sewer whom you fought to save Seanna? Ingkara

    Main Story S1 E8 Tome
    Who is the knight who heroically saved Keaghan during the confrontation between him and Riordan? Gwynn

    Main Story S1 E9 Tome
    What is the name of the one who worked with Gilliam to deceive both Fomors and humans...and tried to get their own God by eradicating the Fomors? Verafim

    Main Story S1 E10 Tome

    Character is Level 72 and receives Training Equipment Set and Crash Course Reward Box

    Character is ~Level 73 after redeeming all EXP from Character Growth Goals and talking to Seanna/Tieve to start Main Stream: Season 2 story: The Way to Malina

    Partholon S1 Tomes A - D can be used. Character is Level 75 after using all 4 Tomes

    Character is ~Level 75 completing
    Main Stream: Season 1 stories Gallagher's Subordinate" followed by "HP Management".
    Content Story: story "Luminary"
    Sub Story: Season 1 stories "The Prophecy of Paradise"

  • Upcoming change regarding crafting

    Elynsa wrote: »
    If the pre-90 mats still don't bind when traded via Shared Storage then you should still be able to farm mats on alts for Element Stones and leveling up Crafting Proficiency up to 390, which is enough to craft end game gear. Having said that, forcing players to farm all of their own mats with the 5 departure cap plus Fatigue is dumb. This also kills crafting commissions. Unless the craftsman happens to have a hoard of materials you'd need one who's willing to farm and factor in that cost, otherwise you will have to learn crafting yourself.

    About that...they DO bind via shared storage. And the following week they doubled-down on this change and made further bind mods to dyes and bracelets. See below:


    - If an [expertise item] that can be dismantled, is acquired through [Marketplace] or [Mailbox], the item will have [Bound] attribute;
    - If an [expertise item] with "Cannot be traded/mailed" is dismantled, its materials inherit that attribute;
    - If one of materials for expertise crafting has "Bound" attribute, the resulting item is also Bound;
    : Even if one of materials can be moved between characters in the same ID, the resulting item will still inherit the [Bound] attribute;
    : Prior to crafting process. a pop-up window will be shown to check what attribute the resulting item will have;
    : The same notification window will be shown when attempting crafting through NPCs.


    - The following items are bound after trade, including [Marketplace], [Mailbox], [Shared Storage] and [Guild Storage].
    : [Twinkling Armor];
    : [Twinkling Pants];
    : [Twinkling Shoes];
    : [Twinkling Wristband];
    : [Twinkling Earrings];
    : [Leather Bracelets];
    : [Copper Bracelets];
    : [Silver Bracelets].

    [Note:] If the [Unbind Count] remains, players can unbind the item for further sale.

    - The following items can only be traded once.
    - If the item is taken from [Shared Storage], players can't trade the item.
    - The item can be put in [Shared Storage] indefinitely.
    : [Outfit Dye Ampoule (Colored)];
    : [Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Colored)].

    tldr: move your items now (and before every major maintenance) to your strongest crafting character because these changes will be added.
  • Returning player

    Your best bet to is to join the official discord GMViewty linked and make a post in #na_guild_recruitment to latch on with a guild.
  • [Halloween Event] Mr. Pumpkin spawn locations

    For halloween seal farming avoid these maps:

    Italics: From Website. Everything else via testing
    Remember: Per Character & Per Day: 1st run will drop pumpkin head, runs 2 - 11 will get halloween seal to trade in event shop.

    Any battle under Level 30
    Any raid or ex-raid (Rocheste > S3)

    Mr. Pumpkin does not spawn from these maps:

    A Friend Once Lost
    Autumn Reed Bed
    Colhen in Flames
    Nightmare at the Ruins
    Red Archer
    Rocheste By Sea
    Secret Naughty Chamber
    Shady Forest
    The Howling Soul
    The Fomorian Leader
    The Pursuit
    The Secret
    The Weeping Queen
    Traces of Battle
    Trampled Plains
    Two Moons
    Yeti King
    White Tyrant's Challenge

    Confirmed maps where Mr. Pumpkin spawns:

    Any S2/Malina dungeon
    Any S3/Berbe dungeon

    Abandoned Ruins
    An Interdimensional Invasion
    Another Storeroom
    Cadet Ceremony
    Cadet's Challenge
    Earth Shaker
    Regrets Too Late
    Revived Fear
    Shadowed by Darkness
    The Chief of Death
    The Five Spider Brothers
    Troll Hunter

  • Post your beautiful Belle

    A screenshot thread of Belle