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  • Added latest level 110 gear recipes from Royal Castle Topaz Hall
  • PART 3 Capping Raids CONTRIBUTING You might have noticed yourself doing low damage in level 100+ raids. That’s because we’ve prioritized meeting the requirements. Now we’re going to focus on dealing damage. ADDITIONAL DMG The most imp…
  • PART 2 Gearing for Raids RAIDS - STAT REQUIREMENTS RAID STATS FOR ENTRY There is 6 key stats to join raids: ATT / M.ATT Primarily determined by the weapon level (90 - 105) and enhancement level (+0 > +15) and enchant scrolls. …
  • Still being updated! Epona stuff added. It should be noted that Nexon greatly reduced the chance of equipment drops (armor/weapons) in dungeons. So farming these maps for equipment is increasingly futile.
  • * Added LegendArma's Epona Guide * Added Szczurson's Hurk - Teide Guide * Added Receiver's Mitigating the effect of Fatigue * Updated Tilli's new player guide to a newer link: Get Ready for QuickBattle fast! Vindictus 2021 * Removed Lolobooty's …
  • Still kicking in 2021! Updated the list to add: Charles Race Dismantling Events Reverent Tower
  • * Separated sections into "Vindictus Battles", "Vindictus Raids", and "Redeemers" * Added LegendArma's Siete Guide & Mag Mell Video Arena Guide & Reverent Tower Guide * Added Zeroheart's Mag Mell character guide
  • I like her voice but sometimes it's so soft I can't hear what she is saying
  • Be sure to check out LegendArma's video on Ragnahim if you haven't already:
  • * Added LegendArma's Ragnahim guide to Vindictus Battles * Added LegendArma's Dressing Room guide to Fashion
  • * Added Tilli4's First Steps in Season 4 to Beginner Guides * Added All Might's Lethor Crest Looks to Weapons * Moved LoLoBooty's Lynn Blute Lookbook to Weapons * Added LegendArma's Cesar, and Nyle S4 guides to Vindictus Battles
  • Elynsa wrote: » If the pre-90 mats still don't bind when traded via Shared Storage then you should still be able to farm mats on alts for Element Stones and leveling up Crafting Proficiency up to 390, which is enough to craft end game gear. Having…
  • * Added LegendArma's Selren, Marject, and Aodhan S3 guides to Vindictus Battles * Added Karpfen's Evie Staff Guide to Character Guides * Added Venerators Dressing Room Dye List to Fashion
  • * Updated Beginner Guides to Submersed's 2020 new player guide * Remove out-dated information (older S3 guides) from Vindictus Battle section * Added LegendArma's S3 guides (Dullahan > Lugh) to Vindictus Battle section * Added LegendArma's Nea…
  • MISCELLANEOUS SPEED Speed is a low priority because stat it is the least cost efficient for damage. However, it has a noticeable impact on gameplay. For characters such as Scythe Evie, gameplay may feel frustrating with insufficient speed. H…
  • PART 2 Capping Raids SEASON 3 RAID CAPS THE MATH Credits to Florrick for this nifty gadget You don’t need to know what the numbers mean; just know that the math was done. All calculations were made using North American server price…
  • updated the counterforce requirements chart to reflect the current power and tech values
  • June 14 - 2020 Power & Tech. update complete - Revamped guide to reflect new storyline that gives free Lv 95 Dullahan gear and Lv90/Lv85 accessories - added tips for farming seals - updated the Power & Tech. requirements for endgame raids…
  • Increasing Power & Tech. 2019 Example (Archived) A cost conscious approach to increasing power and tech Special Note The ease of this process will vary depending on which character is chosen. The key difference being whether the char…
  • 2020 Counterforce update: The V2.63 and v2.64 patches made dramatic changes to the Counterforce system. The guide has been overhauled to reflect those changes.