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New Year's Crash Course Q&A

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It's time to take the quiz!

Main Story S1 E1 Tome
What is the name of the red-furred boss in the Perilous Ruins?! Gnoll Chieftain

Main Story S1 E2 Tome
What is the monster that made the kobolds tremble in fear?! Polar Bear

Main Story S1 E3 Tome
What is the name of the lady in the General Store? Hint: She used to live in Ainle! Fenella

Main Story S1 E4 Tome
Who is king of the Fomors, leader of the extremists, and sworn enemy of all humans everywhere? Black Scar

Main Story S1 E5 Tome
What ancient race can be found in the Hoarfrost Depths? Yeti

Main Story Extra S1 E1 Tome
What is the name of the Golem that stands over Ortel Castle? Ahglan

Main Story S1 E6 Tome
While you were fighting Black Hammer, who was the Fomor that Keaghan was fighting? Shakarr

Main Story Extra S1 E2 Tome
What is the favorite drink of Krunk at the Bar in Rocheste? Frothy Beer

Main Story S1 E7 Tome
What is the name of the lizardman in the Sewer whom you fought to save Seanna? Ingkara

Main Story S1 E8 Tome
Who is the knight who heroically saved Keaghan during the confrontation between him and Riordan? Gwynn

Main Story S1 E9 Tome
What is the name of the one who worked with Gilliam to deceive both Fomors and humans...and tried to get their own God by eradicating the Fomors? Verafim

Main Story S1 E10 Tome

Character is Level 72 and receives Training Equipment Set and Crash Course Reward Box

Character is ~Level 73 after redeeming all EXP from Character Growth Goals and talking to Seanna/Tieve to start Main Stream: Season 2 story: The Way to Malina

Partholon S1 Tomes A - D can be used. Character is Level 75 after using all 4 Tomes

Character is ~Level 75 completing
Main Stream: Season 1 stories Gallagher's Subordinate" followed by "HP Management".
Content Story: story "Luminary"
Sub Story: Season 1 stories "The Prophecy of Paradise"