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  • 2020 Vindictus Pros, Cons, Comments, and Concerns

    Please feel free to comment and discuss your own thoughts about the game. Hopefully, Nexon will listen to our concerns and work towards improving the game.

    1. Unique Combat Physics, Combos, and Grapples
    2. Hangout Spots: Guild House, Hot Springs Tub, Campfires
    3. Earning Multiple Titles for completing certain tasks
    4. Decent Storyline, Quests, and Missions
    5. Free to Play includes New Content and Expansions

    1. Fatigue System - Preventing Multiple Dungeon Raids
    2. Limited Open World Experience, Not Enough Exploration
    3. RNG Equipment Enhance/Enchant Failures
    4. Micro-transactions
    5. Not enough Events

    1. Re-introduce inactive features in the game such as PvP, Fishing, and Minigames to further reduce Fatigue System
    2. Include an Expedition Feature like in Monster Hunter, where players can explore a particular map with no time limit so they can farm, kill monsters, or PK
    3. Package Future Content, Expansions, and New Characters into Premium Season Passes to raise funds for the game
    4. Reduce Microtransactions and cut all Supply Depot Prices permanently in half
    5. Host Official Nexon PvP Tournaments and Live Youtube/Twitch Streams for NX Cash/Rewards, and gain viewers from the gaming community
    6. Release Vindictus Servers for Closed/Open Beta Testing on Consoles
    7. Create Official Nexon Discord Channel so players can find active guilds, form parties, trade, and communicate
    8. Introduce a Mentor/Apprentice System and encourage experienced high level players to help low level newbies
    9. Hire GM's to monitor suspicious game play and eliminate bots, and also Sponsor Active Vindictus Players who Stream on Youtube and Twitch
    10. Remove Durability Features on all equipment and allow players to buy back destroyed gear with a certain amount of gold

    The purpose of this post is to reach an agreement/compromise between players and developers/publishers.

    Not all of my ideas are perfect and I know I'll get backlash on some of them. We all know that nothing in life is free.

    I would rather pay for new content, expansion, and characters instead of dealing with Microtransactions and Fatigue Systems that limit my ability to play the game.

    A majority of players despise microtransactions. Just look how EA ruined Battlefront 2.

    I don't mind paying for things like cosmetics or storage space, but I don't like paying for items like Goddess Graces or Runes because they affect overall gameplay.

    Nexon, we all know you need to make money but this is not how you do it.

    The main objective should be to attract new players, retain the current player base, and find ways to bring back veteran players who have quit playing.

    You know how attract more players and win back the community? - Just show them that you care.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

    I hope you will take the information and considerations from the community to create a player feedback video and post it on social media.

    If anyone wishes to make a Vindictus Pros and Cons Video Review of the game, please feel free to do so.
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Yeah, I don't like it either but there's still other things to do in the game right?

    Does anyone still fish in this game? - Maybe cooking food from expertise could help lower Fatigue as well.

    Perhaps Fatigue System was a way to get more players to play PVP. - Winners lower their Fatigue, losers get more Fatigued lol
  • Server is dead.

    Things could always be worse: https://steamcharts.com/app/212160#All

    We still have decent numbers despite Fatigue System. Hopefully, Nexon will make it up to players with some really cool upcoming events.

    For now it looks like we're gonna have to merge guilds and start doing PvP or Mini-games instead of constantly running dungeons.

    Guess players can't be anti-social anymore. It's gonna take a really strong community to keep this game going.

    What else is there to do in this game? Do y'all know any active Discord Servers for Vindictus?
  • Do we need more character customization?


    Well I can't argue that.


    We might as well ask for crouch sliders too if we don't already have them; it wouldn't be fair to the ladies


    Definitely Yes to facial hair: Beards, Mustache's, Fu Manchu's, and I especially want an evil Goatee.



    Can't believe I forgot about such a simple thing.

    Thanks Zeroheart!

  • Do we need more character customization?

    Should we have more options to change sizes, shapes, and types of things like:

    Facial Features - Eyes, Nose, Lips, Jaw Line, Chin

    Personally, I don't really like having more options because I take forever trying to create a character when I should be focused on just leveling.

    But some people do so maybe make this an NX Cash Feature?