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  • Vindictus 2018 Impressions Review


    So you never meant us to take you seriously and this was never a real review?





    You even linked this video at the end of your review on your website: https://www.mmobyte.tv/vindictus-game-review/#comments

    How do rate this game 1.5 stars for PvP/PvE and Story Content when you can't even get past level 20?

    So you're not even going to try to progress throughout the game? You haven't even unlocked story quests for Dark Knight or Paladin.

    You're either Fking retarded or you're just trolling us. Is this fun for you? Do you like it when people rip on you for being a dumb liar?

    We know both you and your wife played this game before.

    At least get your facts together before you try to defend yourself. There's obviously no effort put in when you write posts/reviews, play video games, and publish videos.

    Grow up, Get your life together, and come back when you've learned how to play the game.

  • When was the last time we had a Real PVP Event?

    Yeah I know; these servers are so unstable. There's very little hope and it's actually really sad

    lol KR's not good at PvP? Since when? Seems like they always try to dominate a majority of the competitive gaming market if not all of it. LOL and Tekken are just a few examples.

    Ya know, Dragon Nest was probably one of their best games. I think they made the right choice by giving it a better home instead of just letting the entire game die. Not sure if the same will happen to Vindictus; we will just have to wait and see.

    Sometimes, I just wished that we had a Company or Community Manager that never got offended by Toxic Players, Rude Comments, or Harsh Criticism. You're in the business to produce video games, what did you really expect? Gamers talk crap all the time to each other. Do you really think they're gonna be nice, positive, and professional when they talk to customer service or other members of the company?

    Y'all gotta have thick skin around us. I would love to see a Community Manager retaliate and throw insults back at us; that would be freakin hilarious. They would earn a lot of respect because that takes a lot of balls to risk your own job just to talk back and light us up. If they can do that, then it shows that they wouldn't back down or be scared to fight for the players, even when it causes conflicts with the higher ups.

    Worst case scenario, sure you lose a job (we've all been there), but at least you would know that you tried to do the right thing. And if the company doesn't see it that way; you're much better off somewhere else where others will appreciate your integrity and talents.

    Thanks for your reading my post; I really appreciate your honest feedback.
  • When was the last time we had a Real PVP Event?

    If Vindictus wants to compete with other successful free to play video games like Fortnite, Monster Hunter, League of Legends, or Warframe, then it needs to have something that appeals to the new generation of gamers. We can't just copy other games and create modes like 5v5 on League or battle royale from Fortnite. We need something that does not exist anywhere else in the market.

    What we have right now is an embarrassment compared to the rest of PvP Games. Vindictus PvP lacks purpose as well as the true essence of competition. No more seals; No more artifacts. Players do not receive any real reward for competing and there is no incentive to even try because they don't rank up, gain status, receive rare items, or even obtain glory for themselves and their guilds.

    If Developers and Publishers made a few slight changes to existing elements within the game into new PvP Modes, they can provide more sustainable game-play and more appealing forms of entertainment to the community, while engaging players through multiple Olympic Forms of Competitions - also known as "The Vinolympic Games"

    All mini-games like Fishing, Alban Festival Spear Throws, and Malina Fruit Fight Festival can be combined as a Massive Olympic Guild PvP Event. Players would earn points by winning rounds as they compete to see who can catch the most fish, who is the best at aiming spears, and who is the best at smashing fruit.

    1v1 PvP Arena, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Relic, and Monster Brawl could also be part of this Olympic Guild Event. During the event period, players would earn points for participating in PvP Matches and earn significantly more points, when they win their matches against other guilds. If balancing has not been worked out, 1 v 1 PvP Arena Matches would be limited to players having to fight others with the same characters (Karok Vs Karok, Hurk Vs Hurk, Etc). In addition, each team cannot have 2 or more of the same characters ( 1.Karok 2. Karok 3. Kai, 4. Fiona 5. Miri, 6. Lynn).

    At the end of the event, the Top Ten Guilds with the most points will receive fame and rewards by having their Guild Names displayed on the Vindictus Website and obtain a special boost in guild stats for all their members.

    Games like Ragnarök and Lineage had great successes through their Guild PvP Modes, with huge numbers of players fighting in their Guild Wars. It was so much fun to watch all those spells and skills flying across entire maps, and seeing multiple players defeated left and right.

    A new direction toward unique Massive Multiplayer Guild PvP Events would drastically take this game to the next level. It would encourage new and veteran players to form or join an active Guild to Level Up and compete against other Guilds for rewards and fame.

    Even modes like the Resenlian's Labyrinth can be revamped into a new Massive Multiplayer Guild PvP Game. Developers could turn the Labyrinth into one huge map, where the Top Ten Guilds would fight each other to the death until only one is left standing. Each Guild would send a team that randomly spawns in various locations inside the Labyrinth. They could trigger traps, find helpful items like potions or secondary weapons, or encounter monsters and raid bosses in addition to other players. To survive, Guilds Members will need to work together in order to outlast, outwit, and outplay other teams, as they navigate through this complex maze.

    Live Streams of these matches could generate so many views on Youtube or Twitch, especially when these players talk trash or troll the other teams. Massive Guild Competitions such as these would greatly appeal to new gamers, attract more players into Vindictus, and increase retainability in our populations.

    Developers and Publishers should not be so quick to abandon certain features like PvP in an MMO, especially when it can attract new players and make them tons of money on Official Tournaments.