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2020 Vindictus Pros, Cons, Comments, and Concerns

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Please feel free to comment and discuss your own thoughts about the game. Hopefully, Nexon will listen to our concerns and work towards improving the game.

1. Unique Combat Physics, Combos, and Grapples
2. Hangout Spots: Guild House, Hot Springs Tub, Campfires
3. Earning Multiple Titles for completing certain tasks
4. Decent Storyline, Quests, and Missions
5. Free to Play includes New Content and Expansions

1. Fatigue System - Preventing Multiple Dungeon Raids
2. Limited Open World Experience, Not Enough Exploration
3. RNG Equipment Enhance/Enchant Failures
4. Micro-transactions
5. Not enough Events

1. Re-introduce inactive features in the game such as PvP, Fishing, and Minigames to further reduce Fatigue System
2. Include an Expedition Feature like in Monster Hunter, where players can explore a particular map with no time limit so they can farm, kill monsters, or PK
3. Package Future Content, Expansions, and New Characters into Premium Season Passes to raise funds for the game
4. Reduce Microtransactions and cut all Supply Depot Prices permanently in half
5. Host Official Nexon PvP Tournaments and Live Youtube/Twitch Streams for NX Cash/Rewards, and gain viewers from the gaming community
6. Release Vindictus Servers for Closed/Open Beta Testing on Consoles
7. Create Official Nexon Discord Channel so players can find active guilds, form parties, trade, and communicate
8. Introduce a Mentor/Apprentice System and encourage experienced high level players to help low level newbies
9. Hire GM's to monitor suspicious game play and eliminate bots, and also Sponsor Active Vindictus Players who Stream on Youtube and Twitch
10. Remove Durability Features on all equipment and allow players to buy back destroyed gear with a certain amount of gold

The purpose of this post is to reach an agreement/compromise between players and developers/publishers.

Not all of my ideas are perfect and I know I'll get backlash on some of them. We all know that nothing in life is free.

I would rather pay for new content, expansion, and characters instead of dealing with Microtransactions and Fatigue Systems that limit my ability to play the game.

A majority of players despise microtransactions. Just look how EA ruined Battlefront 2.

I don't mind paying for things like cosmetics or storage space, but I don't like paying for items like Goddess Graces or Runes because they affect overall gameplay.

Nexon, we all know you need to make money but this is not how you do it.

The main objective should be to attract new players, retain the current player base, and find ways to bring back veteran players who have quit playing.

You know how attract more players and win back the community? - Just show them that you care.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I hope you will take the information and considerations from the community to create a player feedback video and post it on social media.

If anyone wishes to make a Vindictus Pros and Cons Video Review of the game, please feel free to do so.


  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    One comment on
    2. Limited Open World Experience, Not Enough Exploration

    Vindictus is a session based game. meaning we go on a quest it is just point A to B. If you wanted something like Black Desert type open world, this is not it.
    Before Rise we used to have large maps that are kinda like Old school Monster hunter where we loaded map section ( Ghost Ship, Desert, Moon light island and Misty Peaks).
    These were pretty good to run but some maps like Misty were too long and boring to get around but offered good drops. Season 3 "full" run maps went back to A to B but with mini bosses here and there.

    I would agree that they reuse map area a lot in quest and only redesigned the first area in season 1 (no idea why, since RISE killed all that because S1 raids are worth running anymore).

    But I personally play it for the combat and waifu dress up rather looking at the pretty tree and bush.

    Another comment on Improvements
    2. Create expedition : Again I like to comment that Open World this game is not. It does not work that well since the best drops / mats comes from bosses and raids . Also comparing to Monster Hunter, we do not need to track the bosses, they appear right away or at the end.
    3. Season Pass: Hell no, just hell no. Get your fork knife , Puke or Anthem pay wall blocking game mechanics outta here. We are lucky that Nexon hasn't made the game expansion and new character free so do not give them any stupid ideas.
    5. Streaming and twitch: They used to have two guys try to introduce upcoming updates and some community events but I believe it was Nexon downsized them out. They do hold event for twitch player to play a certain amount of time and they get a balloon.
    6. Discord: Yeah we already have one
    7. Mentor: Game only really gets hard in Season 3, it would be good if you get a friend to help but fatigue will be wasted for vets.
    10: Returns destroy items: There is already a system in place to restore gear through AP.

    My opinions to improve player retention
    1. Bring back 8 man raids. Set them to be harder and offer better rewards like two more drops. Keep 4 man for people who have bad connection and just want to beat it for story.
    2. Bring back Season 1 and 2 raids. those raids were fun but notch them up to Season 3 difficulty and drops . Doing the same old Regina, glas , etc.. does make people drop the game if they only play the same thing every day.
    3. Kinda a continuation of point 2, have those buff S1 and 2 raid drop monster parts and so we can craft augment version of that armor (no need for fusion runes) . Have them offer static stats. I just want more armor or you know it is kinda boring going to Dulla and Astera gear everywhere. I would love to get everlasting armor back. Also pre broken gear look was cool too.
    4. Implement a bot checker, something that verify someone like a captcha that appear once every hour after a battle. Have it grant the player a buff or a ticket to buy stuff from exchange shop.
    5. Please add new outfits in the Outfit store. Stop with the gatchas. Also put tails and wings in there. Stop with spend over 400$ for devil tail (buying several a packages) and let use dye the tails already. I have three sets of cats tail and two of them are whitish, i want a black tail already. Not to mention the fairy wings. No varied colors from me cause RNG saw that it was fit for me to get pure white wings every single time.

    Feel free to criticize me
  • TsiiiTsiii
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    I'll dumb this down real simple:

    Combat - In my opinion, no other game does combat as well as vindictus. This has been, and probably will always be Vindictus' biggest selling point.

    Middling things:
    Outfits and Armor - Why is this in the middle? Well armor and outfits look great, but $450 for premium outfits? $450 for wings? I honestly wanted to list this as a con, but at least the normal non-cash shop armors look nice on their own. Something is wrong when you feel more relieved to have gotten something than you do excited that you got it.

    Just about everything else - Don't get me wrong, reforging is a decent fallback, enchant scraps are a dozen times better than what it used to be, but it's still quite possible (actually very likely) for someone to grind for months, raiding every day, and achieve absolutely nothing in the form of progression. Again, succeeding in enchant or enhancement feels more like relief than it does excitement. The removal of onslaught crippled the supply of steel for reforging (though the effects didnt really turn out too heavily since bots were supplying steels) Oh right, bots. Bots have been a problem since day one and are still a problem. Other than that, I will give the obligatory "lol fatigue system in 2020". That being said, these aren't the biggest of issues I've been seeing with the game. It's the lack of innovation. The last big notable PVE innovation was the original redeemers which was developed in 2016. That first redeemers raid kept me entertained for a solid year or two. The second was noticeably less exciting, but still kept me having fun for a year. Unfortunately, this last one has kept me around for less than a month. It's been four years with nothing but the same repeated formula since, and while the formula might be decent even the best cannot carry a game forever. The way the game feels right now, it just seems to have no future. Rather than being excited for the next content and gear update, I only find myself dreading having to enchant/reforge/regear again.

    With a fatigue system, the chances of new players wanting to play past the starting levels is going to be even lower than before. This was already a problem since the real meat of Vindictus doesn't even start until level cap and a lot of people didn't make it that far to begin with. Redeemers is probably the best part of the game, but most of these new players will never even get to try it. The grind wall is insane, and if anyone wants premium outfits or nicer wings, have fun forking out $450 every time. Maybe I'm just burned out after eight or nine years of this game or maybe i'm just seeing the old days of vindictus through my rose tinted glasses of the past, but seeing so many of my fellow guildies who have been playing just as long as I have getting fed up and hopeless with the game, I can't help but feel like things are really leading into a dead end. Eh, it's been a good run, I'm glad I got all this off my chest :)
  • Sw33tSSw33tS
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    I feel like the combat system and character customization are the best attractions to this game. It has a pretty long history and quite a negative one if you experienced what I've experienced as a long-time player. It still somehow gets people to keep playing.
    I feel like most of the stuff that we want, either will eventually come out, or has already come out, or has been ultimately superseded. I really miss doing those long battles like Ship Graveyard, Moonlight Peak, etc. Farming emerald belts, sometimes doing s2 raids just for fun. Those days are over and will never come back, but I think if they made the drops better for normal dungeons like the Donegal maps, that'd be nice. Instead of it being a single boss fight, make it a big map with more bosses like the special guild battles.
    There just isn't much to do in the game anymore except the standard Astera Raids, RAR and Redeemers. I honestly think some of the old school/vintage contents were a staple to keep us grinding all day. I know that a lot of people would say that Raids are better than the long battles, yeah but raids can't be the only thing that we do. There needs to be some alternative for people to match that type of grind and just earn good money in a different way. Donegal maps aren't good enough, they only drop lv95 chunks. A non-raid map that drops Legendary Ores AND Enchant Scrolls, is a suggestion, but anything new and different is fine.
  • KirraKirra
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    There is a discord, but its moderated by players who are dumb enough to work for free so they do a crap job at it. It's just a **** post central for folks like Lethita/Rengardoggo/TheDazzling/Nosco etc. Your best best is joining a guild and using their discord to set up raids/redeemer runs. Or mega in game and hope someone has enough fatigue to join.