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  • June balance changes and... new character?

    I was probably going to try Bel regardless, but if she has any of the mechanics as show in the trailer, she could be interesting. The Amazon from Dragon's Crown (as well as other characters) had situations where your weapon could get knocked down and you'd have to brawl your way back to it, and I'm always down for another girl with kicks.

    As for breaking the gnoll's weapon, I'm guessing that was just some cinematic flair, but it'd be pretty neat if she had some boss disarming ability. Doubtful, but I guess you never know.

    Hopefully the fast pace of characters is indicative of the game doing at least reasonably well, and not some desperate death throes. I've never seen a game release more stuff when it's doing badly though, so I guess that's a good sign.

    I'm guessing the weapon break thingy is just an allusion to some skill she'll have that debuffs the boss's ATT. It won't have new animations for the bosses or w/e.

    Thinking now about character mechanics, why the eff does Delia have an interaction with Karok, yet Eira has no skill interaction with Arisha, her OWN sister?
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    AngelYukki wrote: »
    Menrva wrote: »

    Wow, bust your ass to maybe get a chance to get a +11 if the RNG gods are with you so that you can unlock one single raid and then maybe have a chance at getting higher level gear which you will need to enhance and enchant all over again using your non-gold buying funds

    The gear given is already +12. Enhancing accessories has a much higher chance in comparison, will not break the gear, and does not require the reforge system.
    Once enough CF is obtained, you don't really need to get new accessories.

    Menrva wrote: »
    Sure is new players friendly. I can't wait for future content as the cap gets more and more frustrating to reach. Screw alt characters too, I guess. Be forced to pour it all into one and be stuck playing them. Wonder what's the next BS stat they will come up with. Enhance your pets and Kitty Brooch to +15 to raise your CounterFluff stat and gain access to 25% of Season 5!

    Different updated gear will probably be given to update with future caps..
    Alt characters are given the same OP free gear as everyone else once they reach a certain level. As stated before, getting enough CF to enter 100 raids is not that large of a gold barrier.

    Menrva wrote: »
    That people think grinding is perfectly okay for a game in Vindi's state is a joke. I am completely sure 95% of players who dare start this game now will never even be able to reach end-game and burn out. Plenty of more forgiving, less dead games out there.

    Vindi's current direction is simple - the rich easily get richer playing their exclusive content, and the newcomers get screwed or give into the paywall.

    Is this game even about skill anymore? Action rpg? What a joke.

    That people think they can prance into the game as a returning player in a korean MMO and be broken OP doing end game content without putting in minimal time is a joke. Yes, this game is still about skill since gearing can only take you so far if you're a **** player. Especially one who puts in no effort.

    Yeah, it's about Ferghus' skill as a blacksmith, and the gold bots' skill at not getting banned.
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    AngelYukki wrote: »
    wow its almost like you expect to do all the end game content immediately as a new player instead of grinding for things like in a normal mmor

    That's bull, Vindi is pure gold buying nowadays. It's impossible to farm anything these days. Nothing droppable at lower content is worth anything.
    Anything worth something is locked behind exclusive end game content, and how the **** are you gonna get there if you have nothing to begin with and can't even queue? Buy tons of gold or NX boxes, I guess.

    It's not like the old times where there were 100m, 200m drops or even more.

    The most expensive scroll drop isn't even enough to restore one piece of equipment to try enhancing again. I imagine the increased chance for your next try must be something useless like 1% per try, if I learned anything from this game.

    Screw this, the main story shouldn't be locked behind a paywall

  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    SAX wrote: »
    Meta wrote: »

    Putting a carrot in front of players to futilely chase usually doesn't work out. You can go check the BDO forums & Reddit if you'd like to see how happy players are when you actually need the highest enhance in the game to be at the top and players fail at doing so. Their rates are booty also, but at least they have failstacks to increase the chance. Still, once they fail people realize all that grinding was for nothing. A 1% chance at +20 is utterly ridiculous, and because of how probabilities work, that means that far fewer thank 1% of players will ever even see it.

    Lol BDO equipment never breaks. What's even better that you can only fail +17 and above. And your enchant will never go under +16 lol. Most only go up to +18 anyways.

    The only thing that break in BDO are accessories and most only go up to +3.

    Vindictus makes BDO enchantments look like easy mode and that's pretty bad. Devcat need to get their heads out their butts on this crappy enchantment system they have here

    So the items aren't lost on TET failure or whatever? That was my understanding, that going for the highest enhance/enchantment could result in destruction, unless I misunderstood and it's as you said, only going for DUO, TET, or whatever on accessories.

    Regardless, agreed, Vindi's system is ridiculous. Lineage/L II are the only other titles I know of with such ridiculous penalties on failure.

    People complaining about enhance being a pain when in Ragnarok enhance goes to +20 too and the item break past +4

    I quit Ragnarok and I'll quit Vindi too.
  • Can you do the Gallagher?

    a heartfelt tribute to the best character