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  • June balance changes and... new character?

    Every female character after Vella has the same face. It's disconcerting. They could all be sisters.

    Compare it to the male characters where not one of them looks like the other, with very distinguishable features.

  • What you like/dislike at rise Vindictus?

    Screw counterforce and the BS new requirements.
  • Player count is abysmal. Port over to console.

    Lift region lock, get money. Simple as that.

    Leave it locked, game dies faster.

    Lag excuse is BS, I'm a closed beta player and I've always played from overseas without issue.
  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    AngelYukki wrote: »
    wow its almost like you expect to do all the end game content immediately as a new player instead of grinding for things like in a normal mmor

    That's bull, Vindi is pure gold buying nowadays. It's impossible to farm anything these days. Nothing droppable at lower content is worth anything.
    Anything worth something is locked behind exclusive end game content, and how the **** are you gonna get there if you have nothing to begin with and can't even queue? Buy tons of gold or NX boxes, I guess.

    It's not like the old times where there were 100m, 200m drops or even more.

    The most expensive scroll drop isn't even enough to restore one piece of equipment to try enhancing again. I imagine the increased chance for your next try must be something useless like 1% per try, if I learned anything from this game.

    Screw this, the main story shouldn't be locked behind a paywall

  • How excited are you for Grimden?

    Hooray another character I will never be able to achieve end-game with.

    Even with the returned mercenary event gear I could not enter the Astera battles to finish the story mode I followed for years. Guess I'll just go **** myself. 44k battle power and counterforce?! Are you serious?! How exclusive does a dying game need to be?!

    Tried that reforge thing to see if luck had changed at all with enhanceing, - nope - blew up the +12 weapon. Enhance system seems even worse.

    And now I got nothing again, there's no choice but to say goodbye again to Vindictus. It's impossible for new players and returned players to catch up. I can't believe I wasted my time finishing the story only to be blocked out at the end.