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  • Pet Vanguard: Special Abilities

    Rare Pets (Succubus, Iset, Lugh): Ancient Relic upon Grant Discovery+1
    Superior Gremlin: Antiquity Points+15
    Superior Wolf: -9% Mission Time
    Superior Chieftain (Gnoll): Expedition Points+12
    Superior Bear: EXP+20%
    Unobtainable at the moment: Upgrades Relic Box by 1 level for Grand Discoveries

    The same skill can stack if the amount it increases it by is different.
    e.g. Expedition Points+12 will only show up once on that character if you equip 2 Superior Chieftain on 1 character. But if you equip 1 Advanced Chieftain and 1 Superior Chieftain, both Expedition Points+8 and Expedition Points+12 will appear.

    the max antiquity you can get with a single mission is +30

    If you equip 1 Superior Gremlin and 1 Advanced Gremlin on each of the 3 Characters, max is theoretically +75. But there's only 1 Superior Gremlin available, so max is currently +45.

    Anyways, this is what I usually do.


    100% chance to obtain 3

    And in case anyone reading this thread still doesn't know about it.
    Rare relic box drop rates can be found at http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/15286/drop-rates-of-rare-items-in-raids
    They are pretty bad.
  • An Overanalysis of Eira's Assets

    Elaborated on this:
    ** Chaos Warp cannot dodge his red shockwave if done too early as it deals continuous damage. Use it later/further away than usual.

    Added this:
    ** If you get bubbled and no one saves you, try landing on the boss if he is below you to survive. If you have Trans in your Quickslot, you can click it with your mouse to forcefully activate it and survive.

    ** Just keep in mind that you can currently potentially reach the cap of all Level 100 raids while equipping Level 95 Weapon and Armor.
    ** Also, upgrading Level 100 gear likely be much cheaper in the future as there will likely be Level 100 specific enhance runes and a reduction of required steels.

    ** This is because you have a bar for corruption which you will want to keep below 100% or you die.
    *** By the time she is at 1 bar, you will need to be above 40% or have your damage significantly reduced, which is why you move off white grass before that if you are at low %.

    Notable damage changes in about half a year:
    Entropic Rounds (RD) will have its range and speed buffed.
    Mana Phase will have its Stamina Regen buffed.
    Then I did some maths using these videos to get:
    2nd (TabRRR) nerfed by 10%
    3rd (TabTabLR) nerfed by ?% (Assuming 5% for now)
    4th (TabTabRR) nerfed by 5%
    Gravity Rounds (RA) nerfed against bosses by 30%
    Phase Burst buffed by 10%
    Infinity Shot buffed by 5% for the first 7 hits and 10% for the last hit.
    Quantium Ruin buffed by 5% for the first 10 hits and 10% for the last hit.


    And a comparison looks like this:
  • How to upload a photo on forums

    Instead of 2-4, I just do this.

    For steps 0-1 you can also win+shift+s to take a partial screenshot of the image you want, then ctrl+v on imgur (don't even need to open the new post icon now, as it is done automatically.)

    You also might want a link to https://imgur.com/upload for convenience.
  • Drop Rates of Rare Items in Raids

    Dullahan Essence drop rate seems to be significantly increased now. They are also now in the seal shop too.

    Level 90 Weap/Armor Essence, Partholon Vanguard Rare Relic Box and Superior Masterpiece Gem Box tables updated with a lot more samples.

    260 Agares runs:

    Smooth 3.37%
    Solid 3.37%

    Keen 3.00%
    Stable 3.75%
    Lightweight 4.12%
    Perfect 3.00%

    Weap 3.75%
    Head 3.37%
    Chest 1.50%
    Feet 1.50%
    Leg 1.12%
    Hand 1.12%

    Sealed 1.12%
    Truth 1.12%

    Steel 69.68%
    Box 13.55%
    Succession 1.12%

    Weird that Steel drop rate is lower than the other Level 100 raids, but I suppose it would make sense because it also drops sealed/truth/succession.
    Guess I'll start to track the Steel drop rates of each Lv 100 raid individually now.

    EDIT: A new tally of Agares shows his Steel drop rate to be the same as Claire/Elch/Macha. However Brilliant Lugh has a low Steel drop rate. Coincidence? or are they actually lower while they are "new" raids.
  • What are the glows betweeen +16 to +20?