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    Rezi wrote: »
    I tried to make my Miri thicc. Didn't work. Miri is an anorexic dwarf

    THANK YOU DEVCAT. Finally my eyes are safe from fat people

    I don't know why I'm wasting my time like this but oh well
    Rezi wrote: »
    1. Vindi was designed to be a challenging skill-based game. Stats were kept as a genre legacy, but really the only ones that mattered were attack speed, weapon length, stamina, and durability, because these were based on the game's mechanics. Attack power, defense, etc were detected by the game, but they were passive - the effects of atk spd, length, stam, and dura could easily be seen by the naked eye without the need for damage numbers.
    Rezi wrote: »
    Everything in S2 was designed around that vision. Premier was just the testing ground, and XE - which S2 was designed around - was the true skill-based experience. Then the developers got lazy, deciding to go back the Pre which was easier to balance and program for (and it had nothing to do with which was the favorite, since even in KR it was 50/50). They cut off S2 halfway, then entered a long hiatus for actual content which slowly yet surely killed the population, which was doomed even more when they destroyed Europe's integrity (XE, tons more IPs allowed, Tir Coins, just overall better) just to save money...which ended up losing them tons of revenue instead.
    S2 was hot, steamy, buggy garbage and thankfully it got reworked the way it is now. Which, by the way, is still terrible.
    Rezi wrote: »
    Everything became stat-heavy
    It always was
    Rezi wrote: »
    length had long been abandoned
    This happened with Ep9.5/10 actually
    Rezi wrote: »
    most weapons released now are copy-paste from how previous weapons work
    Literally only Arisha whip
    Rezi wrote: »
    the cash model got even suckier while Oceanic players had to deal with an entire ocean between them and the server.
    Guess what, it's a f2p game. If a certain server doesn't bring enough profit, they close it, end of the story
    Rezi wrote: »
    They failed to keep the male:female character ratio
    That was never a thing, christ. S1 had 3 males 2 females, S2 had 2 female 1 male, S3 2 females 1 male. Arisha was released in that weird period between S2 and S3 where we didn't have any new story-related content, only Niflheim, which is closer to S2 than S3, so if we go by your "male:female ratio" it's S2 who threw that away already
    Rezi wrote: »
    by releasing the new character as a female
    Rezi wrote: »
    who is too much of a stick to be dragonkin, even more of a loli than Lynn
    Now you're talking out of your ass
    Rezi wrote: »
    who is honestly just a hybrid between Delia BS and Chainblades...
    And Vella is a female Lann, Hurk a Karok with a sword, Lynn a scythe Evie without magic and so on
    Rezi wrote: »
    plus a super OP insta-KO everything Mary Sue. It doesn't matter if she's a glass cannon since the cannon aspect gets attack speed and additional damage straight from that p2w cash flow.
    Everything is OP with OP stats, what's your point?
    Rezi wrote: »
    So much money could have been made there. Heck, if they kept focusing on pets, if they even had released S2 and S3 as paid expansions
    Jesus Christ no
    Rezi wrote: »
    if they hadn't gone on a hiatus that naturally decreased their players and screwed over tons of their European customers, they would have kept making tons of money.
    You know the game is based in KR, right?
    Rezi wrote: »
    And the plotholes!
    Yeah the story has become a [text removed]

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