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  • On time event questions

    Did you just make a poll without options
  • Twenty missions a day to get Guild Certificates?

    ”Game has no content, what am I supposed to do other than staying AFK in CH1?"

    "WTF is this, game giving things to do? Are you out of your mind expecting me to do things"

    Make up your fucking minds, people
  • Gear progression

    0) Do some Arena for your Artifact. You can do this at any time, but the sooner the better as you can get only 70 seals per week
    1) Focus on getting a +13 90 first and foremost. Scrolls, focus on something cheap like Leopard/Valor for now. Dulla is pretty much useless right now, as a +13 90 can easily carry you for most of the end game
    2) Scroll your armor. Nothing fancy, just cheap Well Balanced and Sentinel (remember Master on your Chest Armor). You can farm everything in S2 ex raids if you want to save and make some money.
    3) Get yourself some accessories. Focus on Earrings and Belt first, then Blue Cat Brooch, Rings, necklace (any is ok, really), Bracelets (if your character uses Str based, Copper with Diamond and Emerald works more than fine for now. If they use Int, just get a Silver with Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. Just use Fine Gems for now) and lastly, The Book of Legacy (only for characters that use it, of course. If you're Arisha or Fiona, you won't need to bother)
    4) Change your armor. Time to get some shiny Dulla with Orange main and enhance it. Use Runes only after +8 and hope to get the whole set to +12 in a single try. For any piece that goes to +12, replace Solid (and Smooth too for Pants and Chest) and try till it breaks. Or you could sell for a quick cash and start again, your call here.
    5) Now your set should somewhat be ready, but you're still missing scrolls. Again, start by putting Well Balanced and Sentinel on everything (Master on Chest, too)
    6) Time to go for the best Enchants. On Weapon you'll usually wants Righteous or Immoral as Prefix and Judgment as Suffix, but it ultimately depends on your equip and character. Helm and Pants Heartless/Enthusiastic, Chest Temporal Stigma (or Well Balanced Stigma, your call), Gloves and Boots Weeping Echoing. Rings Sparkling Passion, Belt Petite Passion, everything else as many Fast as your Balance allows (you'll always want to stay as close to 90 Balance as you can, so act accordingly. If you don't have enough Balance, use Significant instead) and Passion. On one and only one of your accessories (any of them works) put Berserker instead of Passion.
    7) Replace the two Sparkling on the Rings with The Dead, and Petite on Belt with Subdued
    8) Start maxing your weapon Shards, focusing on Atk Speed, Balance and Crit and first, then move to Str and finally Attack. If you want you can change your weapon skill, but it barely makes a difference. Suggested ones are Siglint, Shaken and Critical Damage.
    9) Start working on infusions, focusing first on Weapon (+2 crit), Earrings (+2 crit), Belt (+2 bal), Rings (+2 bal), Brooch (+2 crit) and Book (+2 crit. If Arisha or Fiona, again, ignore this) as they're the easiest ones to get. Once you're done with them you can start working on the painful one: crit on necklace (and Shield or Focus if Fiona or Arisha). Chance to get either Crit or Balance is roughly 0.3% per stone for them, so have fun.
    10) The end. You are now free to work on whatever you may like, be it a +15 90 or Dulla weapons, or maybe aim for higher enhances, ALR, Superior Gems in your bracelets. The only limit is where you want to arrive. Now let's just hope I didn't forget anything

    Also, don't forget to get full gold in ein lacher while you do this, and if you can do Neam too
  • Lovely Update

    • Better servers for Royal
    • Dropping Black Cypher and getting something way worse
    • Change of encryption in HFS files
    • EU and NA merge
    • UI lag fixes
    • Game sold to another company
  • Battleshade Bugs

    (idk why i'm bothering since support here is completely dead tbh)

    1. Dropped Inputs
    Randomly, no matter the combo you're doing, your Lynn will just stop accepting anymore inputs. Sometimes this translates in remaining about 1 second still without any chance to move, other time it'll just be LMB not working resulting in a spam of 0 Smash (Gale Strike). No matter the end result, it's extremely annoying as it results in a loss of dps, death or both.

    2. Gale Strike and Floral Break's Guard not blocking several attacks
    Pretty much the same bug Little Rat used to have, especially funny when doing Neamhain since 100% of her attacks won't be blocked resulting in unfortunate Stamina Drains, Debuffs and even deaths

    I believe this should be everything right now, but I'll update if I find anything else