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  • Rest in Peace Bed Sheet Bandit~

    1. When karok clashes only he gets the buf, doesn't apply to all karoks in party. So, if there are more than 1 karok in party you have to 'fight' for the extra speed
    2. In lots of cases you can't clash the boss or battle is too short to clash so you don't even bother. Hard to use on royal if at all (cuz you cant taunt) , same with special battles, half of ein bosses are unclashable, redeemers, nifleheim..

    Thought the "buff doesn't work" was meant as in it somehow was bugged, but yeah, second point in particular is the one that makes me say the cooldown on clash barely changes anything. Every holding skill was already reduced to once per battle, so it was just a matter of time before the same happened to clash. I think the only one left is Kai's Prey Dive, wonder how long it'll take for it to be changed too
  • riperoni blute

    JynXi wrote: »
    All those people crying that 'blute' will make the game alive.

    Get out of your shell , kids.
    You don't know how the world works.

    i care about the game being alive I just want that umbrella
    Kuzlatko wrote: »
    Not sure how many Lynn's are on EU, but I would wonder, if nuber will be quite low, since not many characters were nerfed as much as Lynn.
    It was once walking Nuke char, but now only real hard core players goat her still as main char...
    Like Vladino. :D
    Hey I'm a pretty good Lynn myself, sometimes I even outdps vladino, why am I not as famous? >:^(
  • Events are pretty lackluster compared to pre-rise

    In case anyone wonders what JP got for Valentine's Day Events:

    Gifts for: Strange Traveler, Brin, Ferghus (3 per character), Shining Heart Angel Ring (no limit, refer to 3rd pic), Airtight Lovely Wings (30d, 3 per character), Pink Avatar Dye (1 per account)
    Pink Ampoule (1 per account), Departure License (7 per character), Party Merc, Regular Merc, Party Goddess, Regular Goddess (no limit for all of them)

    Also, regular, black evil cores have been replaced with pink Valentine's ones

    Meanwhile, we got to use 1000 event rods for a title, rods that give boxes so shit it's not even worth waiting to fish something

    Oh, and I almost forgot, they still have the Dice Event still up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • New Translations

    I went ahead and looked at the same translation file, thankfully skills haven't been translated yet. I'm gonna go ahead and translate them directly from Korean, rather than from Japanese like I previously did (though the Japanese names are exactly the same as the Korean ones), in the hope we can see more accurate names.

    진풍격 -> Shivering Wind Attack (from 진, to tremble or shake, 풍, wind, and 격, attack)
    비화 -> Flower Scattering (from 비, rain or secretion, and 화, flower or bloom)
    비화격 -> Flower Scattering Attack (from 비, rain or secretion, 화, flower or bloom, and 격, attack)
    비화풍 -> Flower Scattering Wind (from 비, rain or secretion, 화, flower or bloom, and 풍, wind)
    월연 -> Lunar Sharpening (from 월, moon, and 연, polish or refine)
    월연격 -> Lunar Sharpening Attack (from 월, moon, 연, polish or refine and 격, attack)
    월연풍 -> Lunar Sharpening Wind (from 월, moon, 연, polish or refine and 풍, wind)
    화진 -> Shivering Flower (from 화, flower or bloom, and 진, to tremble or shake)
    화진격 -> Shivering Flower Attack (from 화, flower or bloom, 진, to tremble or shake, and 격, attack)
    화진각 -> Shivering Flower Wind (from 화, flower or bloom, 진, to tremble or shake, and 풍, wind)
    화신풍 -> Blooming Divine Wind (from 화, flower or bloom, 신, deity, and 풍, wind)
    투산철격 -> Piercing Parasol (from 투, pierce, 산, umbrella or parasol, 철, pierce, and 격, attack)
    반화격 -> Floral Counterattack (from 반격, counterattack, and 화, flower or bloom)
    비풍일격 -> Stormy Blow (from 비, rain or secretion, 풍, wind, and 일격, blow)
    기천비무 -> Aerial Qi Scattering Dance (from 기, Qi or energy, 천, sky, 비, rain or secretion, and 무, dance)
    유원백화 -> A Hundred Eternal Flowers (from 유, prefix meaning "to exist", 원, place, 백, 100, and 화, flower or bloom)
    유화강기 -> Strength of Floral Qi (from 유, prefix meaning "to exist", 화, flower or bloom, 강, strength, and 기, Qi or energy)
    운심월성 -> Heart of a Cloud, Mind of the Moon (from the Japanese, maybe Chinese?, 雲心月性, meaning "Someone standing on the higher ground without selfishness")
    내화 -> Inner Bloom (from 내, prefix meaning "inside", and 화, flower or bloom)
    외화 -> Outer Bloom (from 외, prefix meaning "outside", and 화, flower or bloom)
    진풍 -> Shivering Wind (from 진, to tremble or shake, and 풍, wind)
    기화심공 -> Floral Qi ( from 기, Qi or energy, 화, flower or bloom, 심, heart, and 공, merit or experience)

    PS: Nexon, if you don't like the word Blüte and really want to use the Battle- prefix, at least name it Battleparasol, it still sounds awful but at least it does have some meaning
  • All airtight items are trad-able but not the stone

    Untradeable Stones make people who normally don't buy NX buy NX. Or at least this is what Nexon thought after removing Tirs, reasoning behind is probably the same