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  • Vindictus Main Story Summary

    Lmao @ evil milo design

    Vindictus character arc flowchart:

    introduced as good guy? prepare to fight them later

    introduced as bad guy? 50/50 they get redemption later

    It's trash but it's our trash and we love it.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    Question2 wrote: »
    @Question2 Now you're just being silly. I specifically had my Quick Battle setup to show S1/S2 raids so that I could help newer players clear content. Before QB I used to search the boards both in Malina & Colhen to see if there were lowbies needing assistance. According to your claim Vindi should become the most popular title in the West now, because the update has trivialized everything and taken away and depth that the game has. Everything that drops falls like rain, and crafting has been gutted, so there's no reason to dedicate time to the game anymore. All the supposed easy mode players that you used to help should be returning in droves, so you'll be in great company.

    Uh...sorry but the QB thing was only added relatively recently. Im talking about people who invite newbies in colhen channel 1 to their guild, or via using the auto invite feature, years ago. Or just offering help to them for things like red ruins. How often did you do that?

    I had a guild member quit at level 6 after making a Delia because he found leveling "too slow". He played for literally less than an hour. Tell me, how would you even have known he existed? He didnt get up to level 60 to do s1 raids and you would never have seen him at all in QB. Especially since he quit before QB was added to the game. Even KR devs admit that most players never get to level 60 at all and quit well before then. How would you know who they are or why they quit?

    I never said RISE making things easy was guaranteed to bring in tons of new players. Hell, its been less than a day? I said it was intended to bring in new players by making things easier for them. Whether or not that works as intended is another thing entirely.

    If you dont believe me that newbies quit because they find it too hard, again, that is up to you. But bringing it up in public and constantly accusing me of lying is silly. Please stop. Just be an adult and agree to disagree if you find our views incompatible.

    aus server sounds like a weird place, almost bizarro world. i'd love to visit some time.

    Tetsujin wrote: »
    nah ... it's not phishing.

    It's some Indian dude trying to sell Astrology & Escort services.

    I don't understand why he thinks he'll find customers from India in these forums. Indian players are IP-blocked from the game.

    it used to be an old search engine optimization strategy called backlinking

    i've heard that google has reduced its effectiveness because of people trying to abuse it like this, but here we are

    funny thing is, it's mostly done on dead forums because of less chance of being moderated. i guess vindi forums are dead by whatever metric these guys use :#

    edit: here we go https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/webmasters/UZPh0EPOXcE
    i hope youre paying attention indian website guy
  • RIP ez freezy costumes

    yeah the duration's short so you'd want to save them for very special circumstances, like neam or a 12-h farming marathon on a weekend
  • design our own sord rework \ouo/

    what would you like to see in a swords rework?

    here are my ideas

    quality of life improvements:
    1. make the 2nd dodge in our double dodge travel farther...like 2-3x as far
    2. stop the camera zooming on every smash

    crit and furies:
    i don't like how part of lann's moveset is rng-reliant. i'm not that bothered that it makes the damage inconsistent, but the fact that gf and lf are also used for their mobility makes it important that they are reliable
    even worse is the fact that the rng is stat-based, and punished by nexon's design policy of crit res creep and raises lann's artificial difficulty in gearing for very arbitrary reasons.
    i would like to see a new fury-centric resource. for ease, let's call it fury here. comparable to arisha's mana, for example, it would build during non-gf/lf attacks and be spent to allow the player to use gf/lf after smashes.

    fury as a resource:
    1. let's say the entire bar's capacity is 300 f
    2. normal attacks, incl thousand needles build 10 f
    -smashes build 50 f (100 on crit? so existing lann builds dont feel like all that crit is wasted)
    3. gf/lf each cost 100 f to use, and the player gets the prompt if there is enough after a smash like we do now after a crit
    -(maybe make them usable if there isn't enough fury, for additional stamina, or doing less damage)
    4. have it also generate over time which can be interrupted if lann takes a hit (kind of like sylas's hilt buff)
    5. a fully charged gust sting could fill the bar to full, or maybe allow it to go over the 300 limit temporarily
    6. raging fever could have some special interaction, like building extra f essentially like arisha's sp->mana conversion, or consume f to do extra damage
    7. slashing high: a few ideas for this one:
    -fury bar is kept full for its duration, but completely drains and fury generation is blocked for a while when it runs out (cataclysm: lann edition)
    -gain 300 f upon activation, but this is used up as normal
    -increase rate of passive generation and makes it continue even when getting hit
    8. furious 7 could consume all fury and do damage based on that amount; any attacks iframed during it restore 100 f

    berserker spirit:
    nice that this is more useful now in royal army and niflheim, but it still doesn't feel impactful
    a quick bandaid improvement i can think of: raise matt as well as att; raise att limit release by some amount too, not necessarily the full value
    the hand glow is ok, but i could really go for a party wide eye glow or a halo of flames like they do in anime

    feel free to use any of my ideas nexon +cold