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  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    LynnCUBE wrote: »
    Absolute Enhancement Stones

    These are the types of them found in the system.

    1. With a 30% chance, enhances your weapon / armor to +15

    2. With a 40% chance, enhances your weapon / arnor to +14

    3. With a 50% chance, enhances your +14 into +15

    4. With a 60% chance, enhances your +13 to +14

    5. With a 70% chance, enhances your +12 to +13

    6. With a 80% chance, enhances your +11 to +12

    Been thinking about these stones.
    If we get to have them, would they work like the goibhniu's stones? If have any infos share please :3
    Making a +15 seems not so hard if we really get those stones available in depot and they can be gifted. Whales get your wallets ready! :P

    The way she was talking about them, i.e. "HEROES_ITEM_DESC_randomitem_enhance_stone_jump_abs_3015" made them sound like they came out of a random box and were tradeable on the MP.

    What I'm wondering is, would #1 give you a 30% chance to enhance a +0 directly to a +15? Doesn't sound like there's anything keeping you from using a rune, either. Not gonna lie, if it didn't sound like these were coming out of a gacha, I'd whale for 'em.
  • To all the always complaining people

    SAX wrote: »
    -Being able to enhance past +15 so i can go fast:Check

    You poor, gullible bastard.

  • Rise: Revolution Preview

    You are making a mistake. When this update finally kills the game in this region, please at least do us the service of selling the rights to a competent publisher.
  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    Ah, thanks guys. I got confused because none of those items you can make actually improve your odds of success.
  • Are you looking forward to the RISE update?

    Nope. As has been pointed out, there's some nice quality of life changes here, but the changes to the enhancement system so drastically lower the quality of life that the rest of the update doesn't matter. People who are saying this will spell the end of the game aren't exaggerating, this is terrible. It's so completely baffling and stupid beyond measure that I honestly can't see these changes being permanent. Either something's going to have to give with this update or the game's just finished. Enhancing and enchanting are difficult enough, nobody's going to tolerate making it even harder. I've been here since CB, but even I'm not a big enough whale to pay you for runes that set my enhancement level back by 2 so that I can give you $10 ad nauseum. This isn't even getting into the fact that what this director is doing with damage output is just revolting to a level that defies description.

    As usual, it's going to be up to the Korean playerbase to come up with the appropriate response. Like it or not, that region sets the tone for how the game goes forward. If players leave in droves like they did when S2 launched, it'll probably prompt someone to fix what they broke, just like it did back then. If these changes make it here, I honestly don't see how this region can afford to lose the players it's going to lose. The community as it is hardly seems adequate to sustain services.