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  • Why does vindictus still exist in North America?

    Because this drug game is ridiculously profitable and easy to maintain.

    You really think Nexon isn't trying to get rid of this game? They are trying so hard, but it just won't die. They scared away all the fansites, they banned half of the planet and they conveniently screw up events. Nothing. People still buy gachas like it's black friday sale. The hellfairy gachas alone paid Vindi's bills for the next year to come. And don't even get me started about the upcoming Regina avatar gachas. Those will pay Vindi's bills for another 5 years.

    Vindictus is one of those games that relies on uniqueness ("no other game like dis") to get away with everything by holding a monopoly over what it does. S4 League is like that too. Its main income is gambling gachas (called G-Capsules), it's low maintenance p2p connection just like Vindi and relies on its uniqueness\monopoly to get away with everything (it got away with Aeria Games being its publisher in the west just like Vindi gets away with Nexon NA). S4 League has been turning profits for over 10 years, so Vindi has a long way to go before it dies.

    Fun fact - S4 League had a whale exodus at around 2015-2016. Aeria games felt invincible for a second and put 500$-worth exclusive outfits for just 20$, and they also made p2w whale-only items more accessible to the peasants. It pissed off a lot of whales so many of them quit. I thought that was a bold move. That's it, now that the whales beached themselves, the game will surely die. Nope. When you're a "no other game like dis" you can truly get away with anything - that includes shting all over the whales. I dunno what happened afterwards, maybe some of the whales came back (even though I checked their forum badges and they all said "last seen on 2015\early 2016), maybe new whales came. The point is, people really underestimate the power of a "no other game like dis".

    "No other game like dis" is a helluva a drug.
  • The last bastion of XE falls - China becomes Prem

    I do prefer the concept of XE [getting rewarded for dodging, Fiona's auto-stander, auto-sprint (yeah I know it was bugged, but if it weren't I'd rather have a unified movement animation), less STA consumption and faster), it's a shame they never bothered fixing it.

    I ain't mad about Premiere, my only problem with it is that it's overly sugar-coated.

    All these empty promises about faster bug fixes and faster content updates... We all know that's bs. For the past 3 years EU and NA got updates at the same time. Meanwhile Japan and China got some updates before us. The pace of updates is not related to the version, but rather to the region. Both Japan and NA are Pre, yet Japan got updates faster. Has nothing to do with XE\Pre. Let's not forget that Pre is still infested with bugs (up until a few months ago they still had the Kraken slow-mo bug in Korea), boss spasms, map glitches, costume clipping, FPS\performance drops, lack of optimization, result screen delays and the list goes on. They paint Pre as if it's a magical solution to everything, but the sad truth is that it's only slightly better than XE. Emphasize on slightly.

    You can kinda tell the Chinese players are having none of that. The Pre promo comes off as very forced and extra "More challenge!!", "Bug fixes!!!", "More content!!!!!!!!", "Cures cancer!!!"... They just sound like a car salesman who's trying really hard to seal the deal.
  • When DevCat finally gets it

    From Why there hasn't been any content for the past 4 months
    It is already four months in 2017, and mid-April is over.
    Since the update of the Huck 2nd Weapon Trial in January, the event has progressed every month
    Since there was no content update, you may be curious about the development status.

    There was no content update in the past,
    This is because we are focusing on long-term development for the big changes in the game overall.

    We hope that the players who save the current game,
    In order to be able to continue to have fun in the future, we decided that we needed a big change in the game.

    To name a few,
    Ma Yeonjeon is a PC online game and it is a difficult environment to interact and enjoy with many players.
    With great updates and promotions, we have a surprisingly large number of new players
    There are very few players who reach the top level and continue to play.
    (The majority are below 1 ~ 30 levels.)

    To make existing players more fun, new players continue to grow and play
    It is necessary to create a crowded environment such as battle, trade, exchange.
    This includes character creation, tutorials, season 1, season 2 battles, growth routes, ease of use, intuitiveness,
    A lot of changes are needed.

    "Let's talk with the villagers."
    What should I talk to?
    "Let's get Brian Allen's heart."
    When does it appear in which battle? In some cases, it may appear as an intermediate boss.
    Why is the emirke so difficult, where is the length of the groundwater, why the stairs of the secret room should be so long,
    The experience of breaking the knife blade of a deadhead for more than 20 minutes, Bloodrod or Ekinar, is really a difficulty for a new player to break.

    Going into Season 2, I suddenly find myself in a trasfer hunter-
    It is a part where the play time and the wide map which are lengthened by the battle method which is completely different from the conventional become confused and have fun at the same time.

    In the past, this was the latest content, or the final difficulty,
    Now it's early content, and it's not a challenge to challenge, but you have to be able to experience and jump to the next level.

    Another is the difficulty of equipment acquisition and the limitations of growth.
    In the current game, the drop rate of the major rare items is too low, and the reward expectation for repeat play is very low.
    It is an important factor to say that the fun of '
    I think it is a problem even if it is too hard, and I need some improvement.
    Enchanted, enchanting is also the same as the 8th losing deceased, slipping five times in 10 rivers, etc.
    I do not want to do that anymore.

    In some ways, the end of equipment growth is shorter and stronger.
    If you play lightly, it may be difficult to agree.
    For those who have spent quite a lot of time,
    I had fun while trying to fit the equipment, but I have some experience that I have lost some fun.
    The feeling of being stronger even more is too low, and the process is too short in some parts.
    These parts need to be reorganized into a more interesting environment.
    There will be a reorganization of the system, but the balance of all battles in the battlefield will have to be reorganized as well.

    More than 100 changes are being prepared for the big changes in the development stage in the development room.
    Here are a few of them.
    Depending on the item, there may be a combination of things that can be explained in one or two lines and some things to introduce in several lines.
    As new content is not yet available,
    I only talked about big changes.
    We are also developing new content and will be ready to satisfy you with high quality.

    As we are ready to scale several times larger than the existing update,
    We were not able to proceed with the monthly update like the previous update method.
    If the update is divided into monthly updates, the overall update volume is reduced to half the level
    It seems to be the volume of the smash update level in the previous year.

    "why the stairs of the secret room should be so long" - They finally get it. You know there's something wrong when climbing the stairs to the boss room takes more time than actually fighting the boss.

    "Enchanted, enchanting is also the same as the 8th losing deceased, slipping five times in 10 rivers, etc. I do not want to do that anymore." - Probably referring to people quitting after fail streaks. That moment when the developers of a Korean grinder finally admit that failing 13214242 times in a row is off-putting and not "challenging".

    By the way, for those of you who need a TL;DR, DevCat are basically "casualising" the game and the "big update" will be split into parts like the smash update.
  • List the classes by least to most gear reliant

    Roland wrote: »
    In short, Kai only relies heavily on gear if you want to be #1 DPS. You can still perform as well as others even if you don't have expensive gear.

    This literally applies to any class.

    It's 2017 and Vindi players still think the class they're playing is a special snowflake.
  • Trollface.jpg ?

    DevCat (or Nexon KR, whichever) has officially apologized to the Korea players. Will NA apologize too?