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  • Succubus Mate

    2 succubus sets, 2 succubus bosses, 4 succubus mini pets, 1 succubus companion. They're really milking this succubus gimmick. But then again, you can't really blame devCat. It's not their fault that anything with "succubus" on it sells really well.

    Also love the way devCat dealt with the backlash about the 4-player raids. Doesn't feel like a real raid? Too lonely? Fill it up with NPCs. Problem solved.

    I do like her animations tho. I wish female characters could purchase her animations as emotes. I really like that "sitting on an out-of-nowhere sofa" animation.
  • New character Miri, Lynn 2nd weapon reveal & more.

    She seems very messy. Her combat style could use some editing. She has kicks, she has chains, she has blade swings, she has counterattack, she transforms, she teleports (one of her teleports looks like Kai's double space). Her combat style is all over the place. It looks like 4 different concept artists were working on her and couldn't decide on one direction so they just threw all their ideas in unfiltered. Maybe she's intentionally so messy because of the nature of her weapon (which has no nature so you can do whatever with it as a concept artist - tabularasa). It's not a conventional weapon so it's not like there's a consensus around how its combat style should look like. Either way, I'd have been more impressed if they focused on one clear direction and polished it - either kicks, chains or blade swings, preferably kicks because we haven't had a kick-oriented class yet.

    Secondly, you can tell by her animations and over-the-top particle effects (which I assume were purposely exaggerated to camouflage the fact that her animations are bad lol you ain't foolin nobody DevCat) that she was rushed.

    "If we cover her with blinding particle effects they won't notice how bad her animations are"

    Yes we will.

    I have a gut feeling that all the resources and manpower were allocated to the Rise update and the ones in charge of Miri were pressed to meet an unrealistic deadline so they rushed her. I mean, an overhaul for the entire game, intending to launch globally within a month AND a new raid AND a new class. Yeah. Of course they would rush her. They tried to do too many things at once.

    Hopefully they'll tweak\fix her animations like they did to Arisha, and hopefully it won't take them 2 years like it did with Arisha. lol
  • Are you looking forward to the RISE update?

    Question2 wrote: »
    From what ive heard, most devs don't except to test stuff.

    They do test it (at least they tested the Neamhain one). It's just that they're really bad at the game. There was a mini-showcase in the facebook page or some other social media where the developers were showcasing how hard the Neamhain raid was. They said it was so hard they could barely complete it. And then they released Neamhain to live server with an event of "first party to clear Neamhain gets Neamhain Eyes" or something like that, and it was cleared by at least 2 parties on the day of live release.

    It always baffled me how developers can be so bad at their own game. It's not even about the GM\Admin buffs\equipment spawns. You literally designed the raid. You designed the attack patterns, developed all the mechanics yourself and you still don't know when to dodge? Just how does that happen. Did they have a temporary amnesia and forgot all about the attack patterns and mechanics they designed by THEMSELVES?

    What if the developers buffed additional damage just so they could be better at the game and finally clear Neamhain.

    Anyway, I'm "meh" about this update. I'm looking forward to Mira and Lynn's second weapon (both are unrelated to the Rise update). The new egyptian illuminati boss seems nice, but I'm more interested in the outfit that will come along with it. Dullahan set was a letdown.

    They ditched the repair animation and stagger resistance changes which means only the +20 and additional damage changes remain (out of the bad ones). I'm not mad at +20. I'm not one of those people who have that weird sense of entitlement towards the best possible gear in a video game. I understand that some classes are att speed thirsty, but let's get things into perspective. Nobody is gonna die if you don't have your +20.

    The only thing that bothers me is the additional damage changes. It reminds me of the 1HKO videos of Dark Souls bosses on YouTube. A game that was supposed to be hard and challenging is reduced to 1hko buffoonery and tomfoolery. These additional dmg values are like legalized cheat codes. The whole beauty of Vindi was that you couldn't pull off 1hko buffoonery like in Dark Souls because everything was capped (crit cap, bal cap, att cap, def cap). But now with 25,000 add dmg these caps are meaningless (because add dmg overrides most of them). 50% dmg pots were already OP, now imagine a Vindi player with a 50% dmg pot and +20 weapon. Won't that be a buffoonery to behold.

    The other thing is the lack of originally. Like ok, you wanna uncap enhancement to +20. Sure. We all knew it was going to happen sometime. It's inevitable.
    But why, why oh why - out of all the possible stats - you choose add dmg. Why. In Dragon Nest you get special abilities for enhancing past +15. In some mobile games you can get new skills or skill extensions when you pass a certain enhancement tier. For example, that new giant sword Paladin skill could have been used as a special ability for +16-20 Greatswords. Or maybe even something passive like Siglint Thunder\Neamhain ability. There are so many creative places they could have taken that +16-20 enhancement to... And they choose add dmg.

    This was my reaction when I heard the +16-20 bonus was going to be just another add dmg, except replace "pineapple gown with glitter on it" with "+20 enhancement with add dmg on it". I wish gifs had sounds. :/

  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    About RISE: There is one major point I want to make clear to everyone after I had my experience with the update. The update in no way shape or form revolves around the enhance/stat changes. It's mainly a QOL Update (Quality of Life Update) so it does mainly focus on the early game changes. Honestly I hate the enhance changes and stat changes but the update overall is a great update. The potion thing I can't really get used to but I'll want until future content gets released further before I judge that change. I can see it having some new concept to how raids and battles can be done in the future. I haven't used a repair kit yet so I can't judge that. The reconstruction of Perilous Ruins is great. I personally LOVE that. I can't wait to see the other S1 dungeons get reconstructed like that.

    Now about the next upcoming update: as we all know Miri is next in the list. However there was something else I just remembered. Season 3 Chapter 2 Episode 3 is also on the way for that same month. So that leaves me with 2 major things to show everyone in the month of July.

    So theoretically devCat could un-Vindictus the entire game by rendering its weighted combat and boss mechanics completely bypassable with ridiculous stats and it would all be ok as long as there's another Evie waifu, a new boss and a revamped Perilous Ruins? If our standards for a game are that low, than we don't deserve any better.
    Dev's Note wrote:
    In addition, there were many inquiries as to whether future battle difficulty would require strengthening step of more than 16 rounds.
    First of all, it is not the case.
    I think that it is not the game that we and the players pursue that the battle difficulty is formed based on the area where most of the player can not reach by the effort alone. Future battle difficulties will still be within the reach of some existing efforts.
    The enhancement phase has been extended to allow players to challenge higher levels and easier play after reaching the end of the 15th .
    Reckless reinforcement is never recommended for players who want to enjoy common play difficulty and action fun.
    We hope that many players will not pursue situations where they reach a hardening phase that exceeds the 15th level, and that it is a very long, inaccessible end concept that is difficult to reach in general.

    So basically: We put this power creep of an enhancement but we don't recommend or encourage players to go for it? I call bullshit. If you didn't want players to go for +16 and higher why did you introduce not one, but TWO E-Peen systems that judge players by their stats? "We don't recommend you recklessly pursue stats BUT if you want to get a shiny crown next to your mega and more cores, GET STATS."

    Either the direction team is down right lying, or they genuinely don't understand how the new e-peen systems contradict everything they just said.
  • New character Miri, Lynn 2nd weapon reveal & more.

    If you go to the comment section and search for the number "20", you can kinda tell what the Koreans think about this update. Don't even need a google translate for that.

    My guess is that DevCAT knew this +20 thing and the "no enhancement after revive" features would be the two most controversial ones, especially when accompanied together. How the hell would one reach +20 when you can't enhance after revive? (Maybe with the new +1 coupons that you can buy with fail stacking fragments???) This is why they tested the waters with the revive change 2 weeks before the showcase. They knew there would be backlash and didn't want it to happen on showcase day.

    Why didn't they test the water with the +20? Most likely because the trailer-promo was already done. If they revealed it along with the revive change they'd have to edit it out of the promo-trailer. My guess is they knew there would have been backlash, they just didn't want to redo the trailer.

    And yeah I get Evie vibes from Miri too. The thing is, original Evie was supposed to be 2 separate classes. Scythe was supposed to be a standalone class. My guess is that Miri is actually the original Scythe class (the one that was supposed to be a separate class). Even her weapon looks like some sort of scythe chain which would fit scythe as a second weapon if scythe was a separate class. Also their names are very similar Evi- Miri. Two syllables. Sounds like sisters.