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  • Why are we getting incomplete patches from KR?

    Remember that PvP tournament that we were supposed to get more than a year ago? c:

    I don't know if is possible but I'd like them to discuss it.. On another way is more hard to create something from 0 than this.. They have alredy the ingredients.. I not suggest to implement pvp vindictus like a moba.. I suggested to create a NEW mode with New map like the moba.. So we still have arena, siege, deathmatch and moba.
    Yes infact pvp vindi is unbalanced and the fact as you posted, is hard and long to balance. So that in my opinion first you implement new mode, attract new players and the balance it with time and resources..

    Sure we can make suggestions about it, I made a lot of them, so did Greg (DesireOfMine). We didn't get anything and all of those suggestions were backed by claims and facts. Both him and I truly enjoyed PvP, but it's rather obvious that they don't care about what we say. If they did they'd at least implement one of the things we suggested. The only thing we were EVER told is that one of the GM's forwarded the forum thread to the higherups. ONCE. The content is entirely based on how KR's feel about it. Nothing will ever get solved by Nexon NA (nor old EU) because they have no power.
    Drachus wrote: »
    However one thing I know, despite all of the suggestions we make about PvP, even if it’d be the most godlike suggestion they’d never implement it. Why? Because balancing a PvP game takes way more time and thought put into it along with testing and guess what if KR doesn’t like PvP then our suggestions mean nothing. The game is made for KR players and they just consider us an outside audience that was allowed to play their game.

    You can look at this way. If you take the combat system away from Vindictus what will the game be left with? This game was surfing on the glory of it's combat system for so long that I am truly surprised. The amount of bugs is unreal, the content couldn't be more repetitive, everything is peer-to-peer, the gearing system is horrendous, after we transfered from XE to Premiere personal preformance started mattering less, then Rise hit and now stats prevail everything, there is no such thing as early game nor middle game, there isn't even much content to play (5 months per boss to get released when you can actually learn the boss in <7 days flawlessly). I highly doubt that the EU/NA will be up for more than 3-4 years especially with the way it's going - but hey, that's just my that's just my two cents.
  • Is anyone else annoyed at the emote description?

    Channel 1 became even more cancerous than before.
  • Delia Should Get This

    Not saying that this is a good or a bad idea but... I think they should stop with the new classes/weapons.

    • Arisha - Spellsword (and soon whip)
    • Delia - Bastardsword
    • Evie - Scythe and Staff
    • Fiona - Hammer and Longsword
    • Hurk - Greatsword and Teide
    • Kai - Crossgun and Bow
    • Karok - Pillar and Cestus
    • Lann - Twinswords and Twinspears
    • Lynn - Glaive (and soon blute)
    • Miri - Dragonspine
    • Sylas - Dagger
    • Vella - Twinswords and Chainblades

    That's 19 weapons (+2 that are gonna arrive soon) and since those 19 weapons are quite unique you can look at them as a class of their own. I think it's WAY MORE than enough for someone to decide which class to they want to play. Instead of focusing on creating new classes/additional weapons they should bring more content to the game. We've been having pretty much the same type of content since season 2 (with the exceptions of Neamhain which is probably something I've enjoyed the most in Vindictus). A couple of mobs with a somewhat "strong" boss in the end and a raid boss (Learn his pre-animations/Mechanics and you're good to go). I won't go too off-topic with this but I guess you can see where I'm going with this.
  • Redeemers: Sea of Reflection (Neamhain)

    Your favourite attack +cold

    Overall, really nice guide, as always +yes