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  • cash&time > loyalty

    I do not understand this need to enter this new stats called counterforce. That goes for 2 raid by the way. The problem is that 75 of the counterforce needed to enter are high and represent a nice restriction. I have 3 accessories upped to +10 and are around 40, the problem is that now the upp begin to cost a lot of money and Ap. A beautiful investment of resources that takes time.

    Because it's easier to bind people to the game by adding/changing the values of certain numbers (stats) than creating enjoyable content. Same story was with Limit release, then add dmg (on rise) and now counterforce. Surprised they didn't decide to keep that damage reflect stat but even they realized how stupid the thought behind it is. More value is being placed on stats then on self-improving (which is understandable to a certain degree but not this much).

    On the other hand in response to Aibou. It's unfortunate that you're quitting, but then again.. I don't blame you as I quit long time ago due to somewhat similar reasons. But well, thanks for making Neam less boring for me with all the banter xD
  • Best Thread of 2018

    Vindi forums never cease to entertain me.
  • Character Skill vs. Reward

    Deprived wrote: »
    LOL please child, you don't know what the hell you're talking about or what this conversation is even about - this isn't about any dps competition or winning or "losing" (as you put it) to other classes fool it's a discussion and comparison between different classes and the skill required to excel with them in the hands of an AVERAGE player with AVERAGE day to day gear a casual or new player would have like free level 90 gear as far as I'm concerned.

    Considering how little information was given in the original post, seems like everyone is having their own subjective point of view on every class. The criteria is completely unknown for the ranking. My original interpretation of the post was how much skill it requires to achieve the "DPS ceiling" of the class. If we take into consideration how an AVERAGE player with AVERAGE gear preforms with a specific class that changes things drastically from my original thought. I probably will sound like an elitist now but... The only reason why you'd ever want to make a ranking for [DPS:Skill] based on a perspective of an average player would be for the attraction of newbies. Not saying that it's wrong to have that idea, but I simply find it misleading. The average players of every class are satisfied with doing the bare minimum of what a class offers, as long as it works well for them.
    Deprived wrote: »
    And please dude, keep your he said she said rumors to yourself, I don't care what your supposed top 10 hurk friends said about spear lann's difficulty. Those same hurks are playing on one of the easiest most braindead classes in the game, they know nothing about class skill difficulties and the fact that they've put so much money into a Hurk that they're top 10 rank reinforces my point even more.

    To the first part I agree that the original statement that the dude made was quite bs and using a completely uncorrelated evidence to back up his statement. But is Hurk really braindead? I mean by your criteria using an average player with average gear as an example. You're completely right. He is super easy and simple for new players. But at the end game it kinda changes things. If we assume that Hurk is so easy, then why are there only 3 good Hurks on EU? And one of them (He doesn't want his name on forum so he told me not to mention him here) figured out a completely different DPS pattern compared to other Hurks which gives him around 25% more DPS than the others. It involves animation canceling and really precise timing (And no I don't mean using LMB to cancel the dodge). The point which I am trying to make here is that every class has it's high skill ceiling.

    To sum it all up if you'd want to make these sort of lists/graphs/tables you'd need to make a couple of them. You'd also need a large sample size to conduct your research. Without saying it goes that going to include a lot of work and I personally think that it's pointless - just like this entire thread and all of the statements that are made here are entirely subjective.
  • Character Skill vs. Reward

    Bow Kai & Staff Evie high skill ?XD

    I'm guessing Reward means DPS.

    Also I know you said general idea but what should that even mean? Are you looking it as a party or as solo or the average performance in both? Do you take into consideration the highest quality gameplay or average? If so you'd need a much larger sample size to make this sort of post.
  • What this game really needs...

    First they'd need to fix the game then consider porting to consoles. Both highly unlikely.