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  • We can change Vin's fate!

    I'm gonna be completely honest, I wish I could think the way you do. I wish that our suggestions actually went to the developers. Like the person above me stated, we have no communication with them. I can't remember when was the last time we had a GM log in. Where did Eghess disappear for example? We don't have any community streams or anything like that.
    Cloakshire wrote: »
    "Game is dying" mentality
    I'm gonna go ahead and say that the "Game is dying," threads were funny at first, but now they've gotten out of hand and created a stigma that the game is actually dying. You know what I say to those people? If the game dies, you're partially to blame. In any mmo, there's at least one person quitting every day. If that's the case, then how do games manage to stay alive? It's because they bring in enough new players to offset the number of people quitting. If the publishers and developers don't advertise their product, then it's up to the community to do so. However, a good chunk of our forum community is doing the exact opposite by posting all these dead game threads. You're one of the reasons new players leave and by extension, you're accelerating the inevitable death of this game.

    To be honest if it was any other game, or any other publisher you might've had a point there. Sure you can blame the community for complaining about things like 10 DAILY MISSIONS ARE TOO MUCH +cry +cry, but the game IS dying, there is nothing wrong with addressing those concerns. The population is dropping drastically. The updates are getting more stale. You see more P2W aspects with every update. You can't blame the players if the publisher/devs are mistreating us the way they are.
    Cloakshire wrote: »
    What can we do?
    There is hope. The power and influence of a community is stronger than you may think. I know it sounds cheesy, but let me give you an example. When ESO launched, it didn't live up to the initial hype and had so many issue that it nearly shut down. However, the game bounced back because of its community. This just goes to show what a good community can do for a game, so to those spamming dead game posts, knock it off.

    I want you to understand something. EU and NA can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I admire suggestions like these, but we hold no power. We're just a side audience. The game was made in KR for KR, they just decided to spread it to other regions, but their targeted audience is KR.
    Cloakshire wrote: »
    Let me ask another question. Do you talk about Vindictus to your friends or recommend it to others? I personally do. Most people I talk to have never heard of Vindictus, but they always find what I show them interesting and some have even joined the game. I know everyone I show won't be interested enough to try it, but I'm still doing my part to keep this community going. If I can do it, so can you. The next time you're talking about games with a friend, co-worker, or whoever... ask them if they've heard of Vindictus and show them the game. Not only does this help the playerbase, but they'll be joining the game knowing that there will be people they already know. It also gives us veterans the opportunity to mentor newer players so we can create an open and friendly feel for our community. Both of these aspects will boost Vin's retention of newer players.

    No, I wouldn't. And even if I did they'd just quit after 1-2 months. The gearing system is bullshit, you don't feel rewarded after you finish the raid and the only thing that matters is gear. PvE becomes boring after you realize that you're reacting to bosses pre-animation. I get that it can be intriguing at first but don't tell me it doesn't become boring after that. They gave the middle finger to PvP when it had so much potential. I've taught PvP to so many people (had over 50 students) and they all liked it but what pushed them away? It was all the time, the same reason - It's outdated, gear having too much influence, not rewarding enough. I tried making the same threads so many times but related to PvP on old EU forums. Nothing worked. And from that experience I'm telling you, nothing we say or do matters or ever will matter.

    Don't tell people to spend the money on the game that has a publisher which is facing lawsuits for scamming.
    Forum thread: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/14120/nexon-kr-fined-by-korean-ftc-over-gacha-scheme/p1
    Source1: https://mmoculture.com/2018/04/nexon-gaming-giant-fined-for-using-gacha-function-to-cheat-consumers/
    Source2: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20180402000884
    I'd rather show these things to people that want to start the game to know what they're getting into and then let them make the decision if they want to play Vindictus or not.

    To sum it all up. I wish I could share the same viewpoint as you, but the way I see it - there just isn't any hope for EU/NA. I suspect a merge announced between the two in the next year and a half. Our suggestions/opinions don't matter it's all in KR's hands.
  • Good rank for cross stance?

    Uhm, as far as I know it has nothing to do with the rank of the skill.

    Just go to cross-stance and RMB if you mistime it just cancel the cross-stance by pressing E to leave it earlier to correct your mistake.
    When it comes to chain cross-cutting you want to hold directional keys at the end of cross-cut animation so you can leave that animation and start a new one. I don't know if basic cross stance after a cross-cut is enough to cancel the animation - you can test that out for yourself, but I always did it with directional keys.
    Overall practice and do smt like this: (credits to Drusa) +haha

    Overall for PvE you want to max everything, it's pretty easy to gather AP due to the recent updates.
    For PvP it's a different story, but well doubt you're gonna get into anyways xD
  • Vindictus 2.0

    I swear, you do these posts just to see if there are active mods on this forum XDD
  • Nexon KR fined by Korean FTC over gacha scheme

    Fun fact: Innocent till proven guilty.
    I 100% agree.
    Fun fact: I am talking about Nexon NA, not Nexon KR. Even if Nexon Kr gets sued the party at fault is not determined yet by a judge. Only by whinny kids like this on the forum who think they uncovered a grand scheme. Playing Sherlock Holmes, googling dictionaries.

    This is kinda a broken argument. Nexon NA, Nexon KR, Nexon whatever... They all ARE Nexon. If one of them is guilty there are high possibilities that the others are as well. It's like reading the book and 50% of it is having claims made against that it's a lie/fraud/whatever, wouldn't that discriminate the other half of the book as well? We can't say for sure, but this should raise the concern of how Nexon handles things.
    Yes the boxes are rigged, they are stealing all your money, even forcing you psychologically to buy their products.. yes. Also Lizard people are real and Obama turned the frogs gay with chem trails.
    Happy now? :(

    I don't see why did you put something that is actually quite common in the business industries along with 2 superstitious claims. Psychologically manipulating people into doing something is not something new.

    Previously, while replying to my comment you said that it's how slot machines work. Yes and no. The ones that work like that are actually against the law because they're taking advantage of person's addiction to earn more money. As far as I know each and every one of those must have a warning to stop the person from spending more money. Now whether that people abide by that law or not, that is a question for a different matter.

    In conclusion... Sure you can't be 100% sure that Nexon NA is also involved in the same gimmick but as stated previously Nexon NA and Nexon KR are still the same company. In all honesty I am really glad that this topic is getting this attention.

  • Nexon KR fined by Korean FTC over gacha scheme

    The other problem is that while opening boxes you also get the "4 other things" which you can get and it's beyond obvious that they're fabricated. The chances are highly unlikely that I get a potion/megaphone or whatever and that the other possible outcomes were 3 sets + a rune 3x in a row. It just gives you that false hope of "OH IF I CLICKED HERE I'D GET IT. DAMN SO CLOSE."