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  • So what about TIR Coins/NX selling?

    This is our alternative TIR but unfortunately, some of the ungrateful EU players are not happy and willing to go through such great lengths to try to bring back TIR.
    Wow... so we're less of human than you are? Our needs and opinions do not matter? You're some kind of ruling class? That's very insulting, the way you perceive us. That... plus your broken perspective about the situation. It seems like some NA players imagine that we're just some 'attachment' to their servers and that we should be grateful to them... for what i'm asking? What did you actually do for us xD?

    So here is a clarification to fill up the holes in your knowledge mate. We're not some attachment, we're equal to you, we are customers same as you.
    The merge of services isn't 'NA saving EU'... we weren't 'dying' for one thing. Nexon simply decided to merge these two companies into single 'Nexon Global' in purpose to increase efficiency (personally i don't know why they've waited so long... since we both use English version of game). So no, it's no longer Nexon NA or Vindictus NA... it is Nexon Global which includes same EU as NA on equal terms (at least it should be that way).

    The only thing is, that it's the old Nexon NA team which was given responsibilities to manage this new company... that's all. This obviously is causing issues in many players perception about EU playerbase, which makes them treat us as 'worse'. The issue is also due to the fact that Nexon NA team is biased mainly towards NA playerbase... because well, we're 'in here' new (new to them).

    Another thing i would like to teach you, is to talk only for yourself... since there are many players from NA who would love to have TIR Coin system, plus 100% population of EU (we have literally no one against TIR Coins, everybody wants to get it back - which you can check on our forum surveys).
    Something like ^this happens rarely... when a feature is literally accepted by a 100% of exact population. We've tried it, experienced its effects - and we love it. Altogether with EU+NA, there is majority of people in favour of TIR Coins, rather than against (while most of NA playerbased doesn't even know about TIR Coins existence, or aren't enough/properly 'educated' about it). Maybe if Nexon NA team would be a little more objective, they would listen to the 'voice of reason' and do the right thing.

    Some clarifications:
    Gacha boxes aren't 'the alternative' for TIR Coins.
    First thing is that they don't replace functionality and purpose of TIR Coins. With TIR Coins it is possible to eliminate gold sellers/bots from server completely. This follows with removing inflation and makes the game overall better. Plus players receive the items they want for equal and fair calculation of gold (since you buy the currency, and not the items for which sellers may put price depending on situation). With TIR Coins, gold sellers lose customers, up to the point when they end up with none, since players receive much better alternative of receiving gold in game. With TIR Coins they can purchase and sell their NX currency any time they need, and in any amounts they need... while with gacha boxes you need event first (which doesn't happen all the time), then depending on luck you either get more or less, you either get items that can be sold easier or it can take a really long time, etc. etc.

    Overall, gacha doesn't function as TIR Coins system at all, which makes it often not attractive, or not available 'when someone needs it' and therefore it doesn't remove gold sellers from the server... neither is fair way of exchanging goods. Additionally you can't get avatars/inner/hairs/etc. from shop with gacha.
    In general gacha boxes are a lot worse system than TIR Coins... or rather, they won't work as 'replacement' for TIR Coins, since the functionality of it is different.
  • So what about TIR Coins/NX selling?

    We've presented the issue... and a lot of time has passed since then: LINK

    So what is the situation? I think you've had enough time to give us some answers... did you make anything to help our playerbase survive according to this issue that you have created when taking TIR Coins away from us?

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