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  • PVP Power Ranks?

    [QUOTE=ThePharaoh]: >D3MONSLAY3R > everyone else +best
    [QUOTE=Arrow95]: >My Motto in Game is "Still Looking for a Challenge" If Anyone wants a go am game
    Ign Arrow95 :Eas

    Bish please... xD
    I would rek ya all if we'd have a chance to play without lags... and no Arrow, after merge hits it doesn't matter, because our locations won't change - which means lags. If you'd want to play competitively and fair - someone from EU would have to come to NA, or someone from NA would have to come to EU for holidays or something xD... because otherwise one side will be in huge disadvantage of 300 ping f.e. (depending on which server you'd play) which is pretty much unplayable for Vindictus PvP.

    Dungeon PvP is skill-less. There is no point to even talk in terms of 'power ranks' or whatever if it's about dungeon PvP. There is no counter system whatsoever, normal attacks knock down opponent and invulnerability works as in PvE (generally everything works like in PvE, which just doesn't work - you may as well just perma knock someone), etc. etc. Dungeon PvP is just attack spam basically - no thinking at all.

    If it's about power ranks for Arena (1v1) - it is more complicated.
    In general, basically any character can win against any (tho, the characters without 'grab' ability can't counter dodge - which means that if opponent will spam dodge against them, there isn't really much what they can do... tho that depends on situation as well).
    Enormous factor in Vindictus Arena PvP - is personal design. Vindictus combat offers huge freedom of movement and tiny adjustments of abilities (which make huge difference). So you can have 2 exactly the same characters, but 2 different players on each - one will be able to do something, and the other won't.

    Some characters are easy to control, some are more complicated.
    Some have little possible combinations, some have more.
    Some characters are way too OP, some way too weak.

    To make good power rank, you'd have to separate it on 2 factors:

    1. Personal skill vs Effectiveness (it would look like something in this graph - open link below):
    Some characters are already pretty strong even if you aren't really good (like Karok Pillar/Cestus/Hurk for example), and some require much more advanced player to make something out of it, but they can be also very strong (Lynn for example). Some characters will be pretty weak in both cases as well. It all depends on how good you are - and how good is someone you play against.

    2. Interactions between characters.
    It also depends which character plays against which. Because for example, one character can be good against second, however that second can be good against the third, however the third can be good against that first one. There isn't really any 'straight line' which you could draw according to which characters are the strongest.

    However in general, you can notice those which are way too OP (nevertheless - it won't be always accurate). It also depends on who do you ask, because it's quite subjective. Most of people will always think that their main character 'isn't the most OP', and that other characters are way too strong. Most of people are bad at self-criticism and often favour their own EGO rather than what's truth. Most of them don't even have proper knowledge to make any accurate statement/judgement (but they will do so anyway).
    So my personal advice - don't listen to these bullcrap opinions, and simply try to improve yourself as much as you can against all characters - because there is always a room for improvement. However if for some reason you'd like to know my own subjective opinion about characters rank in general (again - it won't be accurate in every situation), here it is:

    Tier 1 (most OP - most 'brainless'):
    Karok (both weapons), Hurk
    Tier 2:
    Fiona (all weapons), Arisha, Kai (both weapons), Lann (both weapons)
    Tier 3:
    Lynn, Evie (both weapons), Sylas, Vella (both weapons), Delia

    My ranking is based on gameplay, where people don't abuse each other by attacking right after knock when someone stands up (there is no way to defend from it, so it's considered abuse... at least by those more advanced/knowledgeable players).

    I personally can defeat most of the time any character with any character (assuming we play on equal stats - equipment), and there is still a lot of room for improvement left to me i think. It all depends on opposite player tho, for now i didn't find anyone who could surpass me, however i've meet some people who give me quite a challenge (f.e. @KuraiHotaru who posted in this thread as well).
    And yes, i know it reads like i would be some EGO-maniac who thinks he's the best and that's all, but i assure you that's not it. I am very capable of admitting to mistakes when someone proves me wrong - because admitting the mistake is the first step towards improvement. However i'm also not much influenced by peer pressure and i care mostly about truth. So as much as i'm capable to admit my own mistakes, i'm not afraid to say that i'm pretty damn good as well - as long as it's truth according to my experience.
    Point is - you can be good with all those characters.
  • Vindictus PvPedia - PvP Guide

    Added new videos:

  • The Future Of +15 Prices And Mysterious Shard

    This is an excellent response. A disagreement backed by actual data and numbers. You could also argue that since mat return has been removed, it'll lead to less instant restart enhancing. Thank you for that insight. I respect that prediction, and we'll see how it plays out in 6 months. It'll be interesting revisiting this by then.

    I'll update the main post with your prediction. By the way, have you been monitoring the status of Mysterious Shard prices and availability in KR? I know they have a much higher and active player base, but I'm curious as a comparison.
    Ok, so i've checked some stuff on KR (sorry for the delay, they've had maintenance yesterday when i tried to log in).

    IMPORTANT: KR has no inflation like NA servers do, so the prices which you see on the screenshots from KR, have value comparatively equal to around x10 less of your prices (tho it can be different depending on items, generally NA vs EU for example has inflation difference between x5-15 depending on item...). KR has basically the same monetary value as EU server, so i make conclusions based on comparing prices on EU vs KR.

    First thing to mention, is that it seems that they don't have new seal shop ??


    They still use old packages for 256 seals of bravery with RNG drop. Interesting... seems like EU/NA received 'a unique' update :) ...or whatever. However their prices aren't high as well. Around 2 months ago when i've checked, main weapon parts had price of 1kk+, which for some reason increased up to 2kk+ right now (maybe just some random market fluctuation), however secondary parts (mainly solid/smooth fragments) have higher value.

    Screenshots from 10.10.2016: http://imgur.com/a/ehYln
    Screenshots from 30.11.2016 (now): http://imgur.com/a/8QQEc

    So the conclusion seems to be (at least for now), that our new seal shop model only balanced prices of secondary parts like smooth/solid along with other parts, without really changing much the price of the rest in overall.

    As confirmation to the thing i've spoken about earlier, that enhanced weapons keep higher value due to enhancing costs:


    And your request about shards:

  • The Future Of +15 Prices And Mysterious Shard

    If it's about +15 weapons, the price won't drop as you expect... because of enhancing costs. Only not enhanced weapons will be super cheap, but +10-15 weapons will basically keep their value... well, it may drop a bit, but not as much as you 'predict' (maybe something like 20% max.).

    Argument 1: When new lvl items are introduced, previous generation of weapons (currently 80 lvl for example) get's very cheap, yet +15 weapons keep 50% value comparatively to new +15 weapon. The reason is because they have still pretty good stats and to make them you would still need to spend quite a lot of money on enhancing. Demand of these items increases its price. So in case of the highest lvl weapons, demand is even higher because these are 'current best' items in game... other words they will keep high value.

    Argument 2: I have access to an account on Korean server and i log in to check prices from time to time, to see how certain things affect market/economy. Craft parts and not enhanced weapons are really cheap in there, however enhanced weapons like +10-15 keep their value high as i stated.
  • Vindictus PvPedia - PvP Guide

    Hello there ^^

    Short announcement: I will upload next video within few days. It will be a part of PvP Guide - explanation of stats (how to think of stats in PvP, how they work, how to calculate them), and economical PvP gear build (basically, how to make decent/effective equipment that is cheap and will allow you to enjoy PvP... since unfortunately there is equipment depending, so this build will help to those players who are short of money ^^).

    Also last patch update info (since they didn't mention it in official patch notes):

    They have added orange 90 lvl mats packages to PvP Seal Shop (the same which we've had before in PvE Seal Shop for 256 seals of bravery). They cost 180 triumph medals, and you can exchange max. one of each per day.


    The items you get aren't trade-able


    However there are 3 things which you can do with them (2 of which will allow you to exchange it on gold):

    1. You can use them to craft items for yourself, or replace parts of your current equipment
    2. You can gather more parts, and simply craft an item, which after this process will become trade-able, so you can sell it
    3. You can dismantle those items into 'Legendary Power: Fragment' or 'Sealed Power: Fragment' (x100 per orange piece) and sell those fragments on marketplace


    Have a nice day ^^