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  • Upcoming change regarding crafting

    Guess I missed this one since I haven't crafted in months, but as I just really came back this is a horrible change. So was the point of this to kill the market for mats? I mean, you can't buy off the MP to craft anymore because all crafted items will be bound, so why would I ever purchase from other players anymore? On top of which, does this mean that if I buy armor and weapon crafting mats for high level gear and make it for a chance at a 3* or higher that even 3 and 4* will be bound?

    Yes, after the patch if you wanted to sell 3+ star gears without having to use unbind potions or quality coupons, all the mats would have to be farmed in dungeon by the character you intend to be doing the crafting on.

    Apparently it was meant to combat the bots flooding the MP but all it really did was hurting the playerbase.

    Also thank you LoLoBooty for posting those additional detail.
  • New Voice for Characters

    Thank you to the devs for adding in the voice toggle and thank you to everyone who made it happen by voicing their criticism.
  • New Voice for Characters

    +1 for having the old combat voices back please (or at least allowing us to toggle for our preferences, as many mentioned). My ears are bleeding.
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  • Upcoming guild shop price increases -- buy now!

    Could you provide some kind of source, link, image or proof of this?

    I have linked the official 09/27 patch note above, which unfortunately is in Korean.

    I did try looking for a screenshot of the guild seal shop as of after that update as a more legible proof for non Korean speakers, but I unfortunately can't seem to find one (I do not play in Kr server, I just read stuff on their Inven website and visit stream videos).

    Perhaps other Korean speakers who reads this could verify my statement?
  • Upcoming guild shop price increases -- buy now!

    Nokaubure wrote: »
    this guild shop nerf is so dumb, I prevented this from 2 months ago and bough like 15 goibhniu. Is the AP capsule going to cost 10 seal too? since its a great way to obtain 9k AP / month with all alts by doing nothing

    As far as I'm aware of, nope, no changes for the cost of AP capsules.

    But yeah overall it's still a huge ouch.