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  • Upcoming change regarding crafting

    Crafters be advised.

    I don't think this has been mentioned on here yet, but on 07/09 following significant updates were made in Kr server regarding crafting, dismantling, & element stones:

    - If ANY of the ingredients for crafting an item are bound, the resulting crafted item will also be bound to you.
    - Upon obtaining an dismantle-able item via marketplace or mail, it will become bound to you.
    - If you dismantle a bound item, the resulting items will also be bound to you.

    These only apply for the expertise crafting and not for NPC crafting.

    So I guess now if you wanted to craft & sell stuff on a character, all ingredient items have to be farmed only by that character.

    The vast majority of the sever was strongly against this change but it pulled through anyway.

    I'm aware most people here do not know Korean, but here are my sources:
  • Update v2.54 Evie's new ugly face

    LoLoBooty wrote: »
    Evie's new face reflects the current Korean standard of beauty and obsession with cosmetic surgery. I'd be willing to bet the Korean reception to Evie's new face was the opposite of ours.

    They indeed have been crying for Evie's face revamp for a while, but their reactions when the change first arrived to Kr server seemed to be split pretty evenly 50/50.

    Kr playerbase has also been complaining a lot about Vella's face, and here's me hoping that they just PLEASE leave her alone, haha.
  • Thoughts on +13 Lv95 50% Brilliant Enhance Stone?

    Another thing to think about is that the damascus steel requirement for lvl 95 gear is gonna get cut down considerably in the same update that will introduce that 100% stone, along with the increase in drop rates for all lvl 95 essences & chunks.

    For reforging a +12 Dulla weapon upon enhancement failure, steel requirement will go from 21 to only 9.

    One thing that could be done is to attempt using the 50% stone from this event and if it fails, wait a few months for this update, then reforge cheaply & use the 100% stone.
    Reforging the resulting +13 dulla weapon will cost 14 steels instead of 29 as it is currently (if you do decide it is worth doing this, that is).

    http://www.inven.co.kr/board/heroes/2471/42169?p=2 (it's all in Korean but if anyone has any questions for me regarding this update I'll try & answer)
  • Reality Distortion vs. Reality Distortion (P)

    Masaka smash on Arcana works like a charm :D
  • Upcoming guild shop price increases -- buy now!


    Gob stone: 150 -> 400
    Triumph Medal/Seal of Bravery: 2 per unit -> 10 per unit (so max 3 units for 6 guild seals per day to 3 units for 30 guild seals per day)

    Yeah it is not a good news for sure, some rather substantial increase in seal costs.

    Those are the only changes of guild seal cost indicated on the Kr patch note of 2018/09/27 (and I don't think there has been another patch regarding guild seal costs between then and now):