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  • Post your ES drops here

    Still waiting for the file to be updated with armor scrolls.. so far its ONLY weapon scrolls
  • My Pet Killed Glas Ghaibhleann while I was AFK

    Id say this is fake for a few reason
    Pets Cannot kill Boss enemies they will leave em with 1 HP that was always the case. Unless That is Changed in Rise (ill Test and reWrite Or edit)
    And Pets Do not hit as hard as to do like 50-80k DMG or however Stupid small amount of Hp the bosses have.

    Ill go test on glas as well and if i see my pet Wolf Or gremlin Defeating him in like 5 minutes then ill edit this saying you were right.
    But before testing.. this sounds like a fat lie

    Edit1: Welp maint is ongoing so that ll take a while..

    Edit2 : Allright so i did test this out. Panda has more DPS than wolf apparently who knew... Well any way. it took me 14 minutes for my lvl 30 panta to solo Glas AND as i said Pets can NOT deal the finishing Blow.
    In those 14 minutes i HAD to use trans as A healing method and a repair kit as i tried to not Dodge a lot Since A) you were afk and B) i was pillar karok and my dodge Did double The dmg of my pets atks .

    So in a way Pets Can "KINDA" solo but going afk and leaving your pet to solo there is now way youd survive. I had 11k defence in that battle. DUNNO if ya have like 14 or so if that would change the DMG received that much
  • Increased Enhance Rates?

    the fact that +12 to +15 is now even lower saddens me greatly.
  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    Just wanna post this Here about this AD thing
    +13 Regina LongSword +2000 AD http://prntscr.com/fo46lf
    +15 Armagedon hammer ONLY +1450 http://prntscr.com/fo46v0

    tell me how this makes sense? If anything Lvl 80 gear should NOT be EVEN more handicapped. I feel like there is no point to my +15 80 now. A full charged stigma on Muir Hero crit did 26k while a Crit Amaranth did 42k from the sword

    Both those dmg where in stage 2 Paladin with Maxed out Transendance
  • New Path Points and the system (btw I'm DarkKnight

    You get 100 TP by time passing by. you can get additional 200TP for a total of 300 by completing battles
    You need 100 TP for a trans.