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  • Update v2.54 Evie's new ugly face

    I've been maining Evie since 2010 and I can say I'm disappointed in her face revamp. I don't really have a problem with everything else, but her new eyes. It just ,somehow to me anyways, makes her look like a completely different person. She definitely looks more Asian, but with a more Caucasian looking eyes.
    They're brighter.
    With her old face she looks or feels kinder. Her new face looks like she's slightly related to King Joffrey from Game of Thrones.
    Gonna have to invest in another Appearance Alteration Coupon to make some adjustments.
  • Game feels dead :(

    I think they need to make new content more easily available to everyone. The main thing being the drop rate of rare items increased. It is a turn off for most players to keep running dungeons or raids and not get anything and they'll eventually lose interest in the game because the progress rate is so low. Not everyone is a wallet warrior or a botter that can spend hours everyday playing. With minimal $ spending and hardcore farming, you'd have to play hours each day in hopes to get a character fully geared with the latest content . At that pace you can probably gear 1-2 characters. But they have what 15 characters now? Id love to fully experience the full potential of all, if not, most of the characters. Idk man, most ppl probably spend more time trying to fully gear 1 character, then new stuff comes out and now theyd have to try again to replace the old one before fully enjoying the full potential of a character. People are stuck on old content and lets be real, no one wants old stuff. Everyone wants to enjoy the latest armor, weapons, scrolls, and outfits and they are stuck behind a huge paywall and low drop rates. It's like the low and middle class have gone and only true vindi loyals and elites (credit card warriors and players with mult accounts and bots to fund their main characters) are left. well... at least that's how i feel but whatever i don't think it will change anytime soon.
    Also ppl probably dont like the constant reading dialogue of 2D NPCs in the story. They could make it more "open world" i guess with fully interactable 3D models of NPCs outside or inside buildings you can enter with your character and make all maps minus dungeons explorable like other mmos to make the game more attractive
    The prices in the NX shop could be reduced too i guess. I am more likely to spend money and be a recurring buyer if the prices were reduced 25-35%.
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  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    Other than getting a little extra AP, I don't see how grinding old content on hero mode and getting more useless drops fun at all.
  • Post me some cutie Evies

  • How do you find the exact RGB color code for a col

    Just use Paint and use the paste option and go from there. Opening the screenshot manually from the game screenshot folder will have inaccurate results.