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The world is so cold.
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"I am no longer the Angel that you once knew, for my heart has fade to black."
  • Game feels dead :(

    I came back a month or two ago because I was bored to death with another game that was having a 6 month content drought. After playing Vindi for a while, it was fun but got turned off by the amount of gold that I need to grind on top of all the enhancing needed todo decent dps. So eventually I started getting too lazy to log in, plus a new game that I've been waiting for released 2 days ago. So, now guess I'm on another Vindi break
  • What you like/dislike at rise Vindictus?

    1. I mainly just want 8 man raids back. But it's a bit understandable with the population size.
    2. Bringing back jump would be cool ...
    3. (Optional) Make Sword Lann great again! xd
  • Da fuq?! Eira = Miul?

    I like both but Eira sounds cooler.
  • Player Retention; Why do you keep playing?

    I already jumped ship ... but I still miss Vindi :(

    The raids and combat in Vindi were the reason why I kept playing for four years. Compared to other MMOs, the raids in Vindi felt challenging, yet also rewarding because of its combat. At the same time, it felt fun playing and trying to figure out raids with everyone. But at some point, every thing became a dps race. It got extremely annoying because mechanics would get ignored and stuff till eventually, I stopped raiding with people and started soloing raids. I miss the old days when people used to just play for fun like run an entire raid train naked like my guild used to do. But I guess time changes and I'll just have to accept it.

    To be honest, I would've stuck around if Nexon released new raids or dungeons more regularly even if it's just side content. I don't care much about new characters. Maybe, it's just me, but I'd rather explore a new dungeon or figure out how to kill a new boss. I was sad when you guys teased Arcana and Aes Sidhe only to find out they're not Redeemer raids. Dullahan sucked but Neamhain alone had kept me around for half a year!

    Besides raids, the other thing that kept me playing was Lann. Out of all of the male characters in other MMOs that I've seen so far, I think Lann has the best abs. No abs in other MMOs have the same level of detail. The male abs in BDO might have a run for Lann's money but the male customization in that game sucked so Lann's abs takes the win as the best male abs in MMOs.
    (I wish that there were more male hair options and cooler male armor...)

    PS: I'm sorry, Lann, I wish that I'm not cheating on you with Miqo'te's abs but I haven't seen a new Vindi raid in ages! D:
  • Server Merge Social

    Might as well post ... cannot sleep anyway...

    [General Population]
    - Full of interesting personalities.
    - Night owls, I log in at 3 AM and the guys are still awake.
    - I think right now, we're mostly bored so we're hardly logging on as much.
    - Stuff are cheaper on west.

    [About Me]
    - Coffee Addict.
    - 50 Shades of Sleep Deprived (I know, and I've just posted coffee addict above this too.)
    - Only logs on for Neamhain even though I already have 100 clears.
    - My main char is almost constantly half-naked.
    - I'm quiet and always lost in thought.
    - I have two different nicknames which sometimes gets confusing.
    - I say hi by *headbutting* people.
    - I'm weaker than you think, friends give me too much credit.