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  • New Voice for Characters

    --- Emote Voices System---

    The only things is: will be amazing if we could have KR & CN voices pack (There are laws or policies for that, yep but would be a great idea)

    --- Combat Coices System ---

    It needs be controled (reasons):

    1. The people (old players) are highly accustomed to the combat Korea voice, you not should do a drastic change to this. [In my case even I can't play with my Vella {804 titles + 932 wardrobe points}].

    If you don't understand it, here there is a example: You have a wife or husband, you've lived with him/her during 5 years. Ok, then to the next day she/he has a so different voice and even different patterns voice in him/her expressions... "holy crap what the hell is going on" you think is another person wow. Then if you in a future can adapt, you can continue with your life, if not then the relationship will come to an end.

    The same thing happen here in this video game, the advantage is: you can programmer it and decide if keep the new or old voice. If you force the player to adapt to a mmorpg you only will get lost the players and money.

    Here a example when a old player hear by first time the new voice:

    2. I know that Nexon America used the services from Marc Graue Studios, this means a profesional work and sure it is. These dialogues already have emotions, feelings, accents in their expressions. Even I was surprised when the characters talk to others when they enter a party (lol is a nice job, is a thing that also mobas game do to create immersion like LOL or Dota 2. Have a story with the characters and we can feel that they are alive is 10/10).

    Example when Arisha talk to Evie: players reaction

    Please allow the option to change to the old voices + new voices (combat system)

  • Vindictus with nice FPS + Ambient Occlusion

    Objective 2: Compare AO types that are compatible with Vindictus using images.
    Objetive 1: How to improve FPS with simple methods


    Quickly I will explain the methods and steps to implement everything
    1. config_material.txt Remember that it has to make the config material.txt marked as read-only.
    "threads" "2" -> The number 2 is according to the processor you have example: ->Physical Cores
    "multicore" "3" -> Always have this number to force the game to "use all cores"
    Page: https://goo.gl/fzhANh

    2. Mz CPU Accelerator Program which makes the active window has a priority of "high" value.5~10 FPS and more stability in the game
    Official link: http://www.mztweak.com/mzcpuaccelerator.html -> but the download link does not work so I upload the file that I have. Here

    3. Chat command: /maximize or /minimize It only works for display mode "Windowed" NO full screen. LOL FPS

    4. Hide display: For some strange reason in the universe, hiding the interface helps a lot to get better FPS.10~20 FPS
    For some characters it's easy to have the interface hidden at all times, like Vella but not Evie.
    Button: Menu -> Options -> Controls -> Advanced Settings -> Interface: Hide Display -> "Put the button you want".

    5. Low resolution in full screen Only for emergencies 3~5 FPS
    Having a low resolution, but then activate the full screen option, the game is stretched decreasing the quality of the image but increasing the fluidity of the game.
    It is not very useful but can serve something

    Ambient Occlusion

    The AOs that I am going to present are: Aion + CSGO + Diablo III + Guild Wars 2 + Half Life 2 + None xD
    PD: In the images you can see GeForce 210... ups I have Gtx 1050, I forgot to change the words.
    ->Link Album Colhen with all AOs

    After trying all these options (other did not work) I liked CSGO = is not dark, is more real, native to the Source Engine, soft. But to see more shadows, more increase in the curves, more "thick", rather dark = Aion.
    ->Link Album Avatar Shop with all AOs

    PD:The Neamhain image of above has a special configuration thanks to Nvidia Inspector with a monitor 1080p-144Hz by means of a Gtx 1080 6GB.
    And in the game he has Antialiasing x8, Texture Filtering 16x and the rest in high or very high. He does not have Vignette Effect and Motion Blur Detail.
    Something interesting: I set the same options that him, but what I got was different. I have a monitor 1680x1050-60Hz DELL, EVGA GTX 1050 ACX 2.0 2GB. You can see a lower image quality vs him, the FPS are the same only that I use a program to take screenshot and that lowers the FPS to me in this moment, but after not xD.
    Same settings + Aion
    Same settings + CSGO

    The End

    To take the best pictures with the best quality is highly recommended to use external programs and not the game itself, with PNG format. Like Alt+ImprPant or Alt+F1 <- GeForce Experience.
    The JPG format is very bad for good quality in this game except in the screenshots at the end of the dungeons, those images if they are good.
    ->Here example JPG vs PNG

    And here screenshots with different programs but all in PNG format, resulting that all images have the same quality.
    ->Full PNG with differents programs
  • Death Lady Set Clips Horribly

    Aphoticai wrote:
    I am done with Vindi, good bye.
    +haha I was talking with acquaintances in Discord about the problem of design and programming of "Death Lady set" and we got the conclusion: that crybaby. Drop the game because of a single set error o.o That means that you don't even have love for your character (Vella/벨라) and it is not "Horribly", sometimes it's funny others is "a pity" because it could look good. My vella is thick without spoiling the beauty of her waist and the "clip" persist.

    I also did a mini test with screenshots (I'm not lazy) Succubus + Death Lady

    In the case of images, it is a matter of programming, each part has a unique and predefined inner. If the person has good perception will realize that the upper has priority if or if on the lower, there is no exception. It's a mistake?, yes. But it is not life or death. Both you and me, we have almost all outfits from the game so his real problem is another.
  • Connection issues with specific host

    Story: I recently acquired a new ISP + modem. When I went to play with my friend we had a bug in the game and it closed; It only happens when we played together, not with other people/host, so we started looking for a solution and we found it:

    1. Change IP with VPN (It's not good because it generates lag)
    2. Unlock the game ports with your ISP (We could not prove it, it's just theory)
    3. Use a program called CurrPorts v2.36 [2017] (This option worked for us and we were lucky because we still do not know why everything works well xD)

    Program: Official page -> http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html


    Game errors
    Host_Error: CL_ParsePacketEntities: buffer read overflow (with Windows 10)

    Host_Error: CL_CopyExistingEntity: missing client entity 712 (with Windows 7)

    RecvTable_MergeDeltas: overflowed in RecvTable 'DT_HeroesTEParticleBase'. (with Windows 10)

    Thanks to this program we could play without any problem, I just leave this information for people who have this error, the program does not need installation, just open it. And I hope this does not interfere with the rules of the game, so I would like a GM to give his opinion about it.

    Greetings from: North America server