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  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Ye it's surely because of immersion.

    They want to tell a story about a dragon and global warming (fatigue system). You all know that there is a dragon being kept in the Rocheste. It's a big dragon with even bigger appetite. To feed the dragon they use sheep and cow meat. But the high amount of these animals caused global warming which increased the sea level what caused several floods of Colhen and Barbhe. In addition dragon got diarrhea so there is poop everywhere in the rocheste. Also because the sun is too strong you gotta use special antisunburn oil (VVIP) or sunscreen (VIP) to be able to safely depart into a battles. But the change of climate brought many disasters so tsunami, earthquakes and dangerous storms are more often now then ever. But don't worry kingdom is giving everyone a special drinks to keep us hydrated (fatigue potion). There is only a tiny tiny problem with them. After drinking them sooner or later you gotta find a place to pee and since only the raids got extra 5* toilets no1 really wants to go other missions. There are also mercenaries that don't drink theirs special drink because they save it for worse times or are just too lazy to open the bottle. Those will just sit at their homes and wait for the right dungeon to join a when it takes too long they just give up (log out)

    "But don't be too pessimistic maybe it will be all for good. Only time will tell." Said the great sage @Kurs so maybe we still have hope.

    As for me: I've shut myself in guildhouse and started playing some other games... Waiting for global cooling to come... It's not like that I won't come out again. It just need to get more comfortable outside.
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Kurs wrote: »
    One thing I'd like to add too, is that people always assume Nexon's money grubby. It may be true, it also may be false. But I think if all people look for is the negative, then all they'll find and see is the negative. I prefer to try to see the whole truth if I can, and I think if I assumed everything was Nexon or the employees being money grubby then I think that would be hard for me to see, and hard for them to change, especially if no matter what they do all people will see is "they're money grubby". After all, if everyone but the whales boycott them then they can't change because they still need money. However, if everyone gives them a chance and enough people other than whales spend money, then that gives them the opportunity to change and expand their options, since then they'll have more sources of income to keep the game running. That's what I think anyways.

    @Kurs I can't find anything possitive about fatigue system, can you?
  • is there no easy way to get through story raids?

    Cloakshire wrote: »
    Kirra wrote: »

    Sum solutions:
    Game forces you to go to the board to make battles for the first few levels. Force us to use QB maybe for the first "recommended" story boss like or Regina or something?

    It's really hard to ignore those slow ass "Blah blah is on sale don't forget to buy..." messages that are animated on-screen. Maybe use that for future recommended QB story-battles and not just random promotional messages.

    Another solution:
    There's a quest at like level 4 or 5 that teaches you about quick battles. They could move that quest into the start of S3's line and make it required. Would combine well with your idea of forcing QB on the first story raids.

    Like make it so when they try to depart for Regina through any means, it'll say:

    "Failed to create battle. You do not meet prerequisites. Complete Quick Battle subset story first."

    They'll then have to visit the cat who will then explain QB & give them a quest to create and complete a raid QB three times. These three times could be on Corrupted Queen, Twists in Time, and Light and Shadows. This should educate them & get them used to it since the act of creating/completing QB's is a quest objective.

    Or they could enable creating QB from battle board and make it default (if the host has the required stats). And players that don't want QB could just uncheck QB option.
  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

    Madcobra wrote: »
    The voices are good you are just dumb.

    Not that they are good but with time it just stop bothers . The same was with change fast run walk . At the beginning players had problems but with time we just get used . Human can get used to everything .

    Ye... And some ppl will get used to another game but who cares, right?
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Ma thoughts:
    * If they really cared about what ppl think and want then they'd have asked in the 1st place (You can write feedback but you can't even know if they read it. Other companies ask all their players what they think about the product. And even reward you for answering)
    * Change of the battle voices wasn't necessary and they could have just add voices that are missing which'd save them money
    * I like some of the voices but I rly hate the other. Also I never understood those half dubbed games. If they wanted to dub conversation then they could have just dub it all...
    * Most of the time I really don't know who is talking (on boat interaction). They could have added some speech bubbles or at least system message.
    * I like that you can disable "Nice!" "Thanks!" "I'm sorry!" "Well done!" voices. I like only "I'm sorry" from those.
    * These changes (for example Evie face change, some hero battles removal with rise, some titles removal with rise, jump removal, voice change etc.) make me insecure about supporting this game. Like what if they change ma looks to something I don't like, what if they remove something I play this game for etc. I hope you got ma point.