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  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Ye it's surely because of immersion.

    They want to tell a story about a dragon and global warming (fatigue system). You all know that there is a dragon being kept in the Rocheste. It's a big dragon with even bigger appetite. To feed the dragon they use sheep and cow meat. But the high amount of these animals caused global warming which increased the sea level what caused several floods of Colhen and Barbhe. In addition dragon got diarrhea so there is poop everywhere in the rocheste. Also because the sun is too strong you gotta use special antisunburn oil (VVIP) or sunscreen (VIP) to be able to safely depart into a battles. But the change of climate brought many disasters so tsunami, earthquakes and dangerous storms are more often now then ever. But don't worry kingdom is giving everyone a special drinks to keep us hydrated (fatigue potion). There is only a tiny tiny problem with them. After drinking them sooner or later you gotta find a place to pee and since only the raids got extra 5* toilets no1 really wants to go other missions. There are also mercenaries that don't drink theirs special drink because they save it for worse times or are just too lazy to open the bottle. Those will just sit at their homes and wait for the right dungeon to join a when it takes too long they just give up (log out)

    "But don't be too pessimistic maybe it will be all for good. Only time will tell." Said the great sage @Kurs so maybe we still have hope.

    As for me: I've shut myself in guildhouse and started playing some other games... Waiting for global cooling to come... It's not like that I won't come out again. It just need to get more comfortable outside.
  • Cromm sucks hard - why is this a Special raid?!

    I'm mainly against all mechanics and cinematics where boss is invulnerable. I don't mind when boss teleports out or flies away - that's just part of an imersion.

    As @FlameSama1 said this is Hack&Slash game and the main part (fun) is that you constatnly attack the boss.

    If there is mechanics that let you do more dmg to the boss it's ok - for example enraged elschu 7th bar: you dont have to grab him, you can stay on the ground.
    If there is mechanics to slow down the progress? Ok but at least don't reduce things you can do (like you can't attack boss, you can't move, you can't use 2ndary items, you can't use skills). Add something instead...

    Back to crom. When he flies up and summon illu it's ok mechanics. Why? Because you still can fight something. The only thing I have against it is that he is invulnerable. Why can't kai, teide hurk, stafie shoot him? Just to be fair?

    @Cloakshire you said that you skip mechanics and play braindead. No it requires teamplay and brain to skip mechanics. Because after 50-100 times those mechanics become braindead. Devs are just lazy to implement good and imersive mechanics. It's easy to just set boss invulnerable and "ok nao go do something".
  • Here I've fixed it for ya...

  • Here I've fixed it for ya...

    Since they don't know their own game.... Here:
  • [Deleted]

    How to Avoid the Temptation to Spend Money on Vindictus?

    Just follow one easy rule:
    Don't buy anything for 1 month after nexon screws up...

    And you can be sure you won't spend any money on Vindi again.