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March 21, 1989
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Stop deleting my comments calling out Nexons incompetence.
  • Game Launch Blocked

    I read a little bit, what people who played DFO and Strike Attack (not sure about this name) were saying about Nexon, when games closed. And my oh my, it was not nice. I seems, that there were password leaks, and they never admitted it, poor customer service (we can see that for ourselves), botting (Na still has this, I dunno, just saw a screen shot with some gold sellers), 0 advertisements (but did love it when EU asked me, if I would recommend Vindi to a friend - of course I would not, we are IP banned country, there is no point), banning legit players (this seems to be true too), AND NA RELEASED HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO, while DFO and that other community did not heard anything from them for 6 months. Bad servers (I see a lot of people complaining). And last one - completely not giving a damn about everyone and everything. They do not care. Never did, never will.

    I think Vindi is going there. If NA staff makes "Smash or pass" (or whatever is trendy now), Vindi is doomed. They are just trying to drag everything so badly, to loose less.

    Oh, you also blocked out .. well, not hardcore, but pretty loyal players out of game. For no god damn reason.

    You know what, I would have accepted, if Nexon came in here each few days and just said :"We are working on this", but now, that Nexon has ignored us for more than half a month, answered and gave half assed answer only after someone tagged (only person they knew from NA staff), I want to see proof next time you are posting answer.

    It is not that hard. People from IP banned countries already are playing. Dunno if without issues, never tried it myself, but even if there were issues, EU had them too.

  • Nerfing or removing the Vote Kick function


    You were AFK for way longer than 5 seconds, or 1 minute. I waited to see, if you moved at all for quite some time, since party's dps was bad, and we needed all the help we could get (quick battle, host with blue lvl 90 weapon, most people geared the same as host), before deciding to vote kick you.

    I have been standing still, for 5,10 or 15 seconds, while typing in chat, and I have newer been kicked out of party for that. I have been AFK for 3-4 minutes, without being kicked, because I wrote, that I have to do something quickly (probably fluffy butt cat puked his fur all over carpet). But you never said something, just stood there doing nothing.

    Also, it must happen quite often to you, if you are here complaining, about people unfairly kicking you out. It can not be that so many people conspire against you. Maybe you just need to stop AFKing without saying anything.
  • Game Launch Blocked

    Note to myself - never play another Nexon or Devcat game.

    Others be warned - we are were veterans, most of us played this game since official launch, and we (at least I) have spent money on this game. So if buying NX and being veteran does not protect your ability to play - nothing will.

    Whoever told me to calm down hurr durr, can sod off. They promised me being able to play after migration, and now, when I have not gotten ONLY thing I was promised, I am not even allowed to be angry or salty about this?

    Only happy thing is that I did not buy bunch of NX to buy runes before migration, as others might have done, because NA price is just retarded.
  • Game Launch Blocked

    Miniteh wrote: »
    Keep in mind that they're a business, so what most likely is happening is that even a senior GM can only do so much - ask legal department to look into it, and those people don't work at weekends nor very fast. Most likely this is a licensing issue and that would take a bunch of time (application to some eu agency and whatnot).

    It sucks for us to not get any "update", but right now most you can do is periodically bump the thread in a civil manner while they sort it out. Expect it to take in the range of weeks, not days.

    In any case, EU told us we are good to go, but now, that we are here, NA is saying no go. I do not see, how this is our fault.

    Also, it would be way nicer, if someone from NEXON came in here from time to time and just said: "Yeah, we are still trying to figure this out". Instead they are just ignoring us.

    And last one - I think there is chance that they are not even doing anything. Just waiting couple of weeks and then they will say to us - "Sorry, nothing we can do".

    EDIT: IF they actually are doing something, I suggest they hurry up. Because people are looking for other games and leaving.

    Wrote Nexon with bigger letters. There was one person answering us (ONCE), with Nexon as member rank, so not a GM, not forum mod, but someone from Nexon itself.
  • Game Launch Blocked

    I think that they are trying to figure out, what to do with NX we spent. When they closed some other games, players were given NX back to use somewhere else. They can not do that here, because we are from EU/not NA, and we can not play any other game anyway, so that cash is useless to us.

    Or they will just kick us out without saying anything (ignoring harder than the girl you have crush on points there).